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Mechanically it seems to work, but there is a wierd graphical glitch where only part of the screen is updated. The part that is updated is somehow related to the mouse cursor location, but the mouse cursor can move in and out of the update zone. If you want to see the error yourself and try to fix it, i would recommend making a virtual machine of linux (pop os is good if you never used it before) and try to run it there. Good software to make a virtual machine is virtualbox. I do not know much unity (and it does not seem to really be available for linux) so i cannot understand this issue.

EDIT: Maybe look in to adding an installer for the game or making it more standalone (not in a zip at least). I would reccomend an AppImage either containing an installer (and the game assets) that puts the assets in /usr/local/games/TimeToStrike or that just contains the game, and the user can just put that in /usr/local/games instead of having to unzip a zip file. Going with an installer, you could make it add a .desktop file (like desktop shortcuts) in the correct location, not only the desktop but also so you can search for it. Look stuff up. Use a VM. The reason is that this is a bit more complicated on linux, and would save time for people that has not for example created their own installation tool.


I can test it. If you upload or send a version to me (of the demo), i can reply.

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When is linux version (if planned, otherwise MAKE IT)?

EDIT: The game works in wine (software for running windows apps on linux)

Bots are stipid

I have played a game on steam using this.

Thought my cat was a house plant, and my helicopter a cat.

Try to find a .exe file named something like 'logicsim.exe' and run it. Make sure to keep it in the folder.

I make games on scratch (my most recent gam is here on itch and has the name ghost night) and i like it. my scratch name is taitep.

I just wanted a jam but sorry, i am nine years old.

I just forgot that you can copy void and paste it.

The lava steps level was unbeatable!