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Thanks for the video :)

Thanks for sharing!

Hell Yea! thank you!

Heya! Thanks so much for the playthrough and the kind words. I really hope you enjoy the full release!

the taint is strong

hey thank you for the video there will definitely be some more clowning around in the full release ;)

thank you for the kinds and for the kind words I hope you really enjoy the full release

Well maybe one day :) I do love the idea I am just busy with other projects at the moment

Yeah I've tried there is no easy way to do it. You have to go through a whole process with a valve to get it removed.

Heya, I was pretty experienced when I made that it was one of my first projects. So there was a ton of things I did wrong as far as coding goes it was a very messy project. I had to abandon it for these reasons but I might game back to it one day and start from scratch.

Thanks so much for the video and thank you for the wishlist! I hope you love the full release!

I also love the slasher genre! Thank you for the playthrough hope you check out the full release!

Thanks Skyler!

Glad you enjoyed it! I hope you enjoy the full release just as much if not more!

Hey thanks for the video!

Heya thank you will work on maybe getting a localized version of the full release :)

Thanks for the support and for the video!

Heya Stella! Thanks for the video I checked it out and enjoyed the watch. Super happy you are excited about the full release :)

Heya Casey!
Thank you for the playthrough and the kind words :) glad you are excited for the full release.

Hey Alexjoi thank you so much for the detailed message and the kind words and of course for making a video! The save system already exists in the game it just hasn't been utilized for the Demo because of its length. I am curious about the light lagging for you perhaps you can go a little more in-depth about it. I haven't seen anyone else run into that issue so it's definitely something I would like to fix if I can. It looks like it's flickering in the video you made. It might be a video card problem not 100% sure. It sure is strange though lol. Was it like that in the game or just in the capture?

thanks so much AuronSpectre had a blast hanging out on stream while you played!

Thank you! I hope you check out the full release!

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Glad you enjoyed the art style its been a ton of work! Thanks for the video and shorts!

Yea thanks for the kind words! I'll definitely take and look and get that typo fixed! 

Heya thanks so much for the kind words and the video! If you liked the demo you will love the full release.

Thank you for the kind words and the video! I think you’ll be satisfied with how the story will play out.

Thank you :)

Awesome so glad you liked it and are stoked for the full release :) Thanks for making a video!

Thanks for the video!

Thank you!

Heya! Thanks for playing and making a video! :)

Thanks for making a video and for the nice words :)

Thank you! 

Thanks so much for the video and the review! Looking  to release sometime in Q4 of this year so between Oct-Dec. I’m personally shooting for around Halloween but we will see.

I’m sorry, I purchased your music pack from the unreal market place. Their guidelines state you do not have to attribute for paid assets. So while you state this on your itch store, by selling it on Unreal your music pack falls under their licensing agreement. This project is way behind me and I really don’t have time to update it. I do use another track from the pack in my upcoming game releasing in April  I can credit you for that. You might consider taking all your products down from Unreal.

Heya thank you for the suggestions and the video!

Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for the video

Thank you for taking the time to make a video :)

Thanks for the video!

hahaha thank you :)