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Hi :)

I don't know if you found a team yet but I'd be game for a team-up :)

Very nice! I really enjoyed the video some funny parts ill drop you a sub

Heya no worries! Glad you liked it I'd love to check out your playthrough

Thank you! :)

Thanks so much, CJU!

Thank you so much :)

Check the bathroom or the library both that arms are in those rooms I forget which is left and which is right 

No worries! Thank you! I'm glad you dig it :)

Check the pictures hanging on the wall in the bear room one of them has a clue on the order of the bells for the gold mask. The sheet music for the piano is in the kitchen, light all the candles should help you see it laying on the countertops.

Thank you :)

Hey! Thanks for replying to my email and making a video! I enjoy the playthrough from start to finish

Heya thanks for playing :)

Heya thanks for playing :) You make a very valid point about the blood screen I'm gonna do a hot patch before the steam release to fix this. I'll remove the blur and red but leave the heartbeat so the player knows he's almost dead still.

Heya I'm uploading an update that with some adjustments to the AI makers her slower and changing her patrol path so the same is overall easier.

Hey sorry, you weren't happy with that game. I tried to space the checkpoints out so it would be a little more rewarding to get them.  I understand what your saying though. Thanks for giving it a try though I appreciate it.

I watched your video but Idk if it was the game or not but it seemed like the audio was cutting out alot during your gameplay. Like the music was there but no soundFX

Heya thanks for the playthrough! Glad you enjoyed it, I should have another game coming out towards the end of the month.

Heya, I don't know if this got resolved but I was able to upload my 4gb game using the butler extension for the Itch App.
The documentation can be a little tricky to understand but once you getting it running it's pretty simple to upload larger file sizes
I don't know the limit for file sizes when uploaded this way but I did read that someone uploaded over 30GB this way.

Heya nice game. I thought it was great! Also, thanks for the help with my questions about reducing package size for unreal. From one dev to another great job!

Those glasses doe! hahaha Thanks for playing!

Thanks for making not one but four playthrough videos :) glad you enjoyed it!

I can see some effort was put into this. But I am kinda tired of seeing the same horror template interface with the lighter and diary used over and over again. There's a reason it's called a template it's supposed to be a starting point to expand upon or use as an example to build your own system. I would encourage you for your next project to push yourself a little more and develop your own inventory/interaction system. There are tons of resources online that can teach you about Slot Structures/Blueprint interfaces/Widgets and more!

Heya great reactions hahaha I sent a sub your way

Heya thanks for taking the time to play and game and make a playthrough :)

Heya I composed the track Funeral Toll. The track you are talking about I purchased the rights from a fellow artist cause like you I really dig the retro synthwave style :)

Cool game! Good luck with its future development. One thing is for sure...Angela needs to wash her car.

Thanks for the video and for the rating! I really enjoyed watching your playthrough. And you made some very good points/critiques. This game relies heavily on audio and for you to still be able to enjoy it so much really brings a smile to my face.
Thanks again :) 

Hey I'm trying to get one out by mid-late October for Halloween!

Seems pretty cool! My only question is why risk having Konami shut down your hard work? You could just rebrand it under your own ideas and title. Especially if have name your own price as an option for the demo. Fan-created content is one thing but asking for donations for a licensed IP is definitely sketch af.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the game! I'll send a sub your way!

:) Well if you do play it I hope it spooks ya!

Hey! Thanks glad you liked it and glad you dig Biocide :)

Thanks so much for the review and the kind words :) keep an eye on for the next one! Really enjoyed your playthrough!

Bro you had me laughing so hard great vid!

Thanks for making a playthrough :) glad you enjoyed the game!

Heya thanks for making a playthrough :D I'll send a sub your way.

Heya, I wrote some of the music for the game but the title track was written by Hypnos Audio. I purchased the rights to use it for the game

The link only has a sample for the audio I don't think the full song is online anywhere. The track has no title.

Heya, Thanks for the playthrough man. I read your full review in the rate section and I really appreciate you taking the time the write your true feelings on the game. Sorry you had a rough day bro I can definitely relate to having days like that as a game developer. Some days I feel like I cant get anything to work right hahaha. But I was laughing my ass off on your playthrough your editing was top-notch! I shot you a sub on youtube. Thanks again!

Heya thanks for the kind words and for the playthrough! I'm glad you liked it. I should have another game coming in about a month for Halloween so keep an eye out for it. I shot you a sub on your channel as well. Thanks again!