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unfortunately no:/ I can’t revoke the vr download so when I would send you a download link for the non vr Version you would own them both which would be unfair against everyone who purchased the game:(

thank you so much for the detailed feedback!

either press the number key for that action again or use the right mouse button

the rift s definitely works.

thank you so much for the feedback!

i habe paused the development because I’m currently involved in too many projects. But I will release it

the Quest 2 definitively works since I’m using it too. 

which headset are you using?

what I’m particular would you like to see?

thank you!

no! Actually a lot of things I developed and found out by working for the new game will be used in MA as well. It’s just two separate games:)

i actually thought about an audience feature

what would be a good humiliation action?

Thank you! Such detailed feedbacks help me the most. I will take everything into account!

yes:) I wasn’t sure wir people would use it

i don’t have any plans yet because I would have to scale down the game massively:/

hi there, I haven’t implemented WinMR support yet but I will do so

unfortunately no:/

hi there, I’m working on such a game right now:)

i have a Quest 2 too, it worked for me but I will do further testing. Does the regular link work for you?

hi there,


actually no:)

thank you!

the Next version will have a lot of quality improvements and dynamic breathing depending on the Rexes climax state

you can just have him wear leather straps and stuff and select sub actions:)

when the police approaches, get away from the Rex as far as you can:)

Besides minor improvements im still looking for ideas, what would you like to see?

i can add that

thank you!

thank you so much for your critique! I will constantly try to improve and extend the game, this will help me a lot working on my road map!

i will add a Dirty mode option for such actions in later versions

Creating a game is lots of work and also unity assets aren’t cheap, I’m also planing to hire a professional voice actor. 

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Hi there,

I just double checked and I get version 1.12. It might be a caching issue since I uploaded the files via DropBox. I re-uploaded them. Please delete your browser cache and let me know if it worked for you.

have you tried launching steam VR first?

i put that on my list:)

Hi there, the 6th will be in the next update:)


there‘s allready an entire BDSM game on it‘s way. The first release will be out this week:)

Fixed it:) Thank you!

it works with both

he’s the only char in the game