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it runs fine on  my  MacBook Air M1, try lowering the resolution in the graphics menu, it should definitely work:)

it’s in the planing, however, the July update will have the ability for the player to use his own penis to f*** the Dino’s POV style, wank and pee and have the characters comment him

Dinohazard has better graphics and an entirely new interaction system

what do you mean specifically?

Youhave to reduce the games screen resolution, the game is running on too low specs

at end of June, I’m waiting for the voice artist:)

Please disconnect all gamepads before starting the game

Ah! MA1 will receive no further updates, I developed Dinohazard because MA1 wasn’t we’ll extensible 

No, updates are free for all of my games

you have to disconnect all gamepads, otherwise Unity will ignore all keyboard input

there won’t be an Android port:/

you can also use Oculus AirLink, I tested it successfully with the game.

Thank you! The Vive should work, just a Make sure that it’s software is up to date and it is set to use OpenXR

hello there, I cant:/ the game has simply too high specs for sidle loading it on the Q2.

the coming updates definitely will have a larger menu:)

already in the making:)

The player penis will be available in the July update

Wherever you like!

also: I really don’t often get as detailed feedback like this, would you be interested in joining the MA beta program? If so please contact me:)

thank you so much for this large feedback, this helps me a lot! As for the stage interactions: you can pass the chainlink fence doors in the front and back of the level, there you will find a pay phone and a soda machine:) 

thank you!

hey there, you will receive free lifetime updates on every platform:)

definitely reduce the game resolution 

that sounds strange, have you tried lowering the game resolution?

Hopefully at the end of next week. I’m done implementing everything but I have to wait for the author and then have the new voice lines recorded.

yes, the patreon version will require to be reauthenticated every month.

actually that will be in the first update, which will be rolled out in May 

there will be further updates and more features and characters although I haven’t planned an inflation feature yet

thank you!

16GB isn’t that much ram for an HDRP based game.

hey there,

you are running the game on a too high resolution. This caused a massive lag and so the physic updates fail. Please reduce the resolution in the graphics menu.

yes, that’s the friction emulation. I will add an option to make deactivate it in the future 

All future updates are included 

hey, the game does not support it. Unity’s HD-Renderpipleine wasn’t made for it:/ But you could use AirLink


I forgot to remove the feet hint for the first release. The  May update will feature the Layed down / feet Loft pose which will be triggered by touching his feet.

hey there, not yet but it would be very easy to add once I find a good generic profile. For now it has keyboard and VR controller support.

yes! I absolutely want to have FPS f**** mechanics in the game. Im currently working on a good concept 

in fact, I’m already working on the first update which will be released in may:) so yes, I have big plans!

hey there, no that’s on intent. Because you’re ruining the climax when stopping during the edging:)

Thank you!