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it’s an upcoming game

90% of the MA users were non vr players. I might add a VR watch feature but not the vr interaction.

no it will be replaced by PawOff

since raptoid was written in unity there are only very few gamepads supported such as PS or XBox controllers. That might be the problem here. If the controller is supported it works outbid the box once you plugged it in

hey there, no there won’t be VR support in PawOff at least for now

the game is currently on hold because I switched from Unity to unreal

as I said before: PawOff will replace MA and will feature almost every kin out  there including multiple environments and characters

unfortunately no, I decided to drop Unity for good and switch to unreal. MA will be replaced by PawOff which will have a similar game concept but with multiple chars and environments as well as tons of options for kinks

Dinohazard has no maw play option

It’s hot! You’ll learn that by age:P

yes it’s available on steam too

thank you so much!

you have to defeat the robot arm / tentacle first 

hello in stage one you simply have to f*** them, make sure to be close enough when pressing the interaction key

Oculus Rift/Quest, HTC Vive and Steam Index are known to work. Personally I’m using a Quest 3

there’s a panel on the left side of the stage, use it and see what happens:)

Im not sure why this is happening but a few Vive users encountered this problem and found a work arround but i cant remember what it was.

thank you!

i know:)

Working on it but I’m also planing a new game.

i haven’t found a concept how to bring it to VR without causing motion sickness


Updates? There will be more updates:)

i plan to add a few more endings and way more actions:)

thank you so much! I’ve put in a lot of work!

it’s requested a lot so I’m thinking about adding it:)

i put it on the bug list

no, the game is fully unlocked. Can you try to start the game and without going to any othe ronde to directly start the tournament?

that doors and elevators can kill you and enemies is intended. You can use them as weapons:)

you can select already played stages and go on from there under Sätze special menu

but you can actually f*** him already

PayPal for example

if I would make it free it would be unfair gains everyone who purchased the game:/

you have to contact Itch.Io

I created a steam key for a game for a friend of mine and was instantaneous contacted by valve to let me know that if I share too much keys for a paid game it might get kicked out of the store so I’d be very carefully with that.

Valve does not allow it

thank you! Actually there is a gallery in the special menu. You can watch all game overs there:)   

that would be unfair for everyone who purchased it plus im funding my dev with the sales:/

thank you! Added it to my list:)

Just activate QuestLink and start the game