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We really liked the game, would have liked to see game overs for the stage and bosses be different to double the lewd but whats here is great. Yeah, personally we like how Damsel in Distress did it where they were stuck there but it was all in their minds. Thats just us since we like more "permanent" bad endings but the art was super cute! Indeed, this game was great, even the fox girl dungeon since we've been on a kick for those recently so you read our minds. The only real thing we disliked was the maid cafe and how much back and forth there was, we knew what we needed but having to go back and forth to change one thing was annoying.

Honestly really liked this game, would have liked more lose scenes but thats just us Yes we really liked how the combat was and the story of it! Indeed, we'd love to see more games with this character, since their work is not done. We look forward to your next game.

Alright, that was our last plan but wanted to make sure that was the idea Yeah, since the intro while good is long just to do fixes! Indeed, thank you for the help none the less

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Hey really enjoyed the prologue of the game and it looks really interesting We're also having trouble moving our character after though! Even after changing the controls! Indeed,wondering if we might have been doing something wrong, we even tried using a control to no effect

Pretty fun game, enjoyed it a lot Yes but we wonder is that blank painting off to the side another ending? If so how would one get it?

We will but think we need to play it first on there Yeah so we'll be waiting for 0.8 for that, thanks again for this game! Indeed, and we hope your skills keep growing

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Hey we did it, helped get the balance for it by one vote! Yeah we are a patron for this month only but we felt a little bad doing that so we bought the game on steamWe have been hoping for that lose scene since it was first talked about, heres to hoping theres a few more good and bad ends against Euryale's future angel/succubus enemies in the future as well.

Also let us know how that vote goes Yeah, we'd love to know and we'll probably buy the game on steam at some point! Indeed but we've spent to much money recently but soon we'll own it

That awesome, also the fact there's a new encounter gets us hyped for 0.7 We always leaned more towards lose scenes ourselves but the content has been good either way and we can't wait to see what the full female scenes will change! Indeed, thank you for the replay, we can wait to see what is next in this adventure and what things you'll come up with

So is the fight with Ashmedai always going to be winnable or with you have an option to lose it? Love the game by the way, good stuff. Or is the new combat system going to implemented into that scene? The rest of the game is super fun though, keep it up! Indeed, it seems like a good place for at least some way to win or lose rather then just winning outright but that is just us, we have enjoyed the game so far and can't wait for the next release.

So with the game nearing the end are there going to be many more scenes? We saw a year ago something about adding boss game overs and wanted to see if you were still thinking of putting those in? Maybe one for the final boss since we haven't seen games like this give them to end bosses! Indeed but really we just wanted to see about if there would be more game overs in general, the game itself so far has be interesting and fun with a nice art style.