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ohhhhhhhh i see

i took the pictures, i saw the giant screen with all the countries but if i put the password in mary pc it does nothing

i have to try this soon.

it was fun but also weird... i'll probably go fishing someday...

hi does anybody finished the game? i found the pictures, the fuse but i cant do anything more, i cant find the code etc, is my brain dead?

it is not working

also , i can't log out , i can't do anything.. (East Face)

i just fell of the map and im not dying, not respawning... how can i get back on the map?

looks really nice i have to try it!

looks really cool , i'll try it out later!

nice :)

hi , its still in dev?

iii ehhhhh ahhehhhh iiii , ehhhhhhhh ehmmmm ehhh , bird?

hi , i keep being stuck on the loading screen , even if there's nothing left to install :/

by the way got a bug where if i change the 3D settings , the map get darker

How can i run the game is windowed?

i saw people just finish the game in 6min , its in total ?? (on

i created something looking like a ghast in minecraft..

with cat ears

Hi! yesterday i played your game , i when i finished it i realized that it was a prototype , but the game is really good! i would like to see more of this soon!

nice game

fuck off , go play adibou


j'ai appuyer deux fois sur le bouton , la réponse est : y'a des princesses a niquer. super

ton derniers screen m'a donné envie de l'installer... pas parce qu'il est menaçant... pas du tout...