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I wish I'd recorded a transcript at the time, because now I can't recreate it, for whatever reason.  On the other hand, I also have no idea how to use the phone: use phone and call locksmith and get phone and turn on phone and...none of these things work.

Sorry I wasn't clear: what I meant was that I got that message even though I had selected a rating for Writing (and everything else).

Unfortunately, I found the game badly broken.  I sent the phone around through time, and (for reasons I didn't quite get) the game reported the garage door open, but when I tried to go south I was told that the door was still locked.


I've tried to rate two different games now, and both times it told me

Please check the information you provided
no score for Writing [MAIN CATEGORY - Score out of 5]

Anyone else having this problem?

So.  There are a handful of proofreading errors: "Julien" becomes "Fabien" at one point; I got the message about Mon emptying water into a bowl of noodles three times.

I'm pointing out these nitpicks because I hate the idea that there's even the tiniest thing wrong with the story, because it's good.  Like, really good.  Kept-me-turning-virtual-pages good.  Well-drawn characters (heck, I was starting to grow fond of the DJ by the end), very real setting, compelling story.  If this is your first solo game, I am dying to read the next one.  (Well, I mean, not like Lacey-dying.  But still.)

That is incredibly stylish.  I...don't know if I won.  Or lost.  Or can win.  Or...much of anything, but I would happily play more games in this genre.

This is extremely clever.

Did I find some of the platform jumping just a little too exact?  Yes.  Did I keep sliding off of things until eventually I decided jumping up the wall was easier?  Yes.

But: the story was engaging and I needed to know how it ended, and the protagonist is just incredibly endearing, in that she looks and moves like, you know, a person, not an action hero.  Love it.

neat!  Always a fan of puzzlescript games that aren't just another Sokoban variant, and this has a mechanic that definitely required thought (and a lot of starting over).  Great game!

Firefox (pretty up-to-date, whatever version that is), in Windows on a laptop.  Hope that helps!  

As catchphrases go, "indirect call to null" might leave a little to be desired.  (It's also all I'm seeing.)

On the one hand, I glitched outside the room (somewhere around the southeast corner) on the third level and couldn't get back in.  On the other: it was fun up to that point.  For a first game, this is definitely something to be proud of!

The game is very stylish.  It's also very...repetitive.  I went through a few cycles of limbo>hell>heaven>falling>limbo, and then one where I revived via heart (the instructions forgot to mention space bar for jumping) but couldn't do anything from there but die again.  Maybe if I can avoid the birds on the way down....but that's a lot of work, and a lot of time between cycles.

I appreciate the BIY "inspiration" without in any way being a copycat of it.  There's a lot of good in this game, including a lot of...well, for back of a better term, thinking outside the box.  The main thing I was missing from BIY is an "undo" key--obviously harder here where moves are continuous rather than discrete, but boy was it frustrating to tap a ghost after several minutes of careful box manipulation.

Also: are there really seven endings?  I'm not even sure what you'd do on the last level other than the one I found ("true love") and...well, somehow getting to the flag, I'm not at all sure how to do that.

This was a lot of fun.  It's always nice to see new logic puzzles, and this is definitely a type I hadn't seen before.  Very well executed, both in terms of puzzle design and interface.  Thanks for sharing it!

This is super-professional and very clever.  I might consider tweaking the hub to make it clear which things you've done and which thing is "next", even if anything is accessible.  (At one point I had messed up too deeply to want to click the undo button as many times as I'd need to, so I hit "home", and then I wasn't sure where I was.)  But that's a pretty minor point in a very nice game.

It took me much longer--167 months--but I think that might be because you were right to not use the advanced buildings.  I kept trying to buy them, but they seem to cost more in resources used than they really provide, and I ended up having to destroy them again and rebuild them much later.  (A level-two farm produces something like twice as much food as a first-level farm, but uses up way more than twice as much water, plus it uses energy, IIRC.)  Still, all in all it was fun.

Wait until next month when you have more metal.  The button stops lighting up when you can't afford it.

I like the premise and the design, but there are some issues around the controls, even setting aside the part where you walk forward towards a vertical surface and you rotate 90 degrees as if you're trying to walk straight up it.

I ended up getting stuck in the mushroom's cave, when I went off the right side of the tall block (towards the roots) and couldn't get back out.  Even before that: I jumped onto the ledge before the pollen-spewing thing (the one in the first screenshot), and then died during the dialogue.  So that wasn't great....

Not hard, fairly linear, but you know, for a game made in three hours, it's pretty satisfying.

Interesting.  There are a few bugs to work out (for instance, if you click on the squares on the outer door lock, and then check your phone, they all appear reset when you go back).  The password puzzle...didn't quite work for me: "1 is more likely to roll" doesn't really translate to "all four words are 1+N or N+1".  But there's some pretty sound ideas!

Very Broughlike!  It took me a try to two to get the rhythm of it, but it's very nicely arranged and nicely balanced.

If you move forward with it: one thing I noticed is that I went through a cycle where most of the spells I had required yellow runes, and yellow runes kept not coming up, so I just kind of cycled endlessly through picking up a lot of green runes and casting the one spell that didn't require yellow runes.  I can imagine some sort of "refresh all spells" option, though I don't know where you'd put it.  (Upper right = "advance + refresh all" instead of just "advance"?  I don't know.)

ICBMb7 is now my favorite chess move ever.

I've got to say: that's not easy; I'm impressed!  I kept accidentally stranding a windmill or forcing a park.  I got there, but it took some trying.

I mean, "Hex and the City" was right there as a title!

No, but seriously, I keep coming back to this game.  It's a lot of fun, a great mix of luck and strategy, the perfect length to fit into a quick break (or a long break, if you keep saying "all right, just one more").  Plus the need to score just a little better...I haven't made it to 120 points yet, but I'm really close.  Maybe next time?

I think this is a really cool idea, though I think that six guesses is a little short when there are 16,777,216 possibilities.  I mean, obviously you're not guessing as blindly as you are with Wordle; but honestly once I have #49D2Bx, there are roughly sixteen indistinguishable possibilities left.  (Or it could just be me--I admit I'm not great with colors.  Maybe six guesses is perfect for people who know what they're doing!  But visually distinguishing #49D2BB from #49D2BD is a lost cause for me.  Not that that's stopping me from playing repeatedly.)

I think this is the seed of a great game, but right now I'm finding myself a little lost in the options.  For instance:

  • I can hire a kobold, but...if I wait, can I hire something better, or is it just an unending series of kobolds?
  • A strength-5 dragon has a 50% chance of successfully attacking the castle and a 71% chance against the village...but what's the actual payoff from these actions?  If the castle gets me 100 gold and the village gets me 10, the castle is totally worth the risk, but if the castle gets me 11 gold and the village gets me 10, it's not.
  • How much food do I even need?  Do I need to feed the kobolds?

I'm generally finding it hard to make decisions in the game, given a lack of information.

Wow.  I was just on the verge of giving up (after making an H, a 17, a 71, the world's most boring game of Pong), when it suddenly hit me.  That's evil.  And clever.

imma touch the fishy though

Wow, that was a lot, and in a very good way.  Terrific!

Time limit seems a little harsh.  Hit a bug in the second "move the mirrors" puzzle: first attempt failed (top mirror was too low), pressed "reset", and then the light source moved straight up instead of to the right.

It's pretty cool--except that the platforms are really slippery.  Very, very easy to slide off the other end when landing and have to do it all over again.  I don't know if that's an intended feature, but boy it felt like it was making things unnecessarily difficult.

Wow, so much easier with the cordless one!

I really liked this: the "cord" mechanic was pretty familiar (the idea of not retracing your steps and having to leave room to go back), but the ability to switch to the watering can--and then back again--isn't something I've seen before.  (I don't know if I did the last level as intended: there was a lot of "two steps with the cord, switch to the can, go to the other side of the cord, pick it up again, two more steps with the cord..." going on.  But hey, it worked.)

I love the concept here, but I wish the platformer part were more forgiving.  Making the jump to the $50 about one in four tries: a little frustrating.  But I gave up when I had to get back out of the pit after getting the dash power: those left-and-up-and-right L-shaped ledges were a lot.

It's cute!  One thing to think about--and I have no idea whether this is something easy or hard to implement--is that it might be nice to be able to click and drag across multiple squares.  For instance, in the first puzzle with its 8x8 grid and several "8"s in the clues, being able to click once and drag down the entire column would be easier than having to click eight separate times.  But that's just if you're thinking about enhancements.

...not the mechanic I was expecting.

I am having all kinds of problems with "undo" and "reset", which work...sometimes maybe?  Sporadically?  Sometimes Z and R just don't do anything.  And sometimes R restores me to a point where I'm not even on screen?  (I'm using Firefox, with no adblockers enabled for the site.)

Is this the best game I've ever played about pickleball?  It's certainly the only one!  No, but seriously, this was fun.

So: "Get any black object to the flag" is a little mysterious, because I can put the vertical blocks (or on the level with the bee, the black ball) directly above the flag, hit play, and watch them fall down to the flag, but not win.  There must be some more particular condition that I need to satisfy (and I did figure out roughly what that was on the first real level, at least), and I think that needs to be clearer; or you might want to put a "no putting things here" zone in the space above the flags.

I did get the HRT usage, either by scrolling down a little on the Wikipedia page, or when the girlfriend says that she's invented her gender and doesn't want a new one.  (Which is a great line.)

Miéville can be a slow read (especially PSS); check out Three Moments of an Explosion some time, which is short stories--much more approachable.

Anyway, point is, what you've got here is lovely. :-)