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I love the concept, but...why is "bigg" a valid word?  Or "gul" and "ch"?  The idea of building things out of smaller parts is cool, but finding the smaller parts feels like a guessing game, or trial and error, rather than something you can think through.

Familiar genre, but with enough of a twist to be interesting, and more than enough style to be engaging.  Very nice!

I feel like I should have a webpage I can link to every time I leave a comment, which says something like "When I spot a flaw in a game that a studio spent two years developing, that's on them.  When I observe a weakness in a game that one person made under a one-week game-jam time limit, I'm doing so with the understand that, OMG, you made a game in a week! That's awesome! And I liked it and I'm not leaving a comment to try to make a bad thing good, but to help make a good thing better. Really, I'm only saying anything in case you feel like you have the time and energy to return to it!"

In all seriousness, this was a very good puzzle game. (Also, now that I think about the one-week limit, I realize, "Oh, all those games about doors--this was one of those, wasn't it?  It's just that it incorporated the behind-the-door theme so well--central to the game, but not central to every move you make in it--that I didn't notice.")  Think about the feedback as much or as little as you like!

Not-very-spoilery feedback, but in anyway just in case:

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I like the logic involved!  But--

There really seem to be at least two mistakes.  These are hard to describe, so bear with me:

  • In room 6, if I counted right, there's a -<| to turn into a |>- symbol.  Obviously both "M@Z" and "@ZM" will turn the symbol to point the right way and then flip it back to its original orientation, so those are wrong.  The problem is that the "@Z" door, which rotates the symbol 180 degrees, will leave the black/white triangles in the wrong places.
  • In room 10, there's an hourglass (white triangle on the bottom) that turns into a negative-space version (white triangle back on the bottom).  The right door, "M@A", will rotate it, so that's clearly out.  The other two also start with "M", which since this has vertical symmetry won't affect the shape; followed by the color inverter, which removes the outline and leaves the white triangle on top.  The left door then has "E" to flip it vertically, which puts the white triangle back on the bottom where we want it...but it's the middle door, not the left door, that works now that I've tried the middle door, it turns that all three just kill you.

It's frustrating mostly because it feels like there really is a good puzzle at the heart of this!

I would absolutely play more of this.  It's super adorable, and the puzzles make sense--it's not just "well, there's a button, might as well click it".  There's something especially rewarding about a thing that makes sense because another one of the four has discovered the thing it affects.  Loved it!

Me: "I don't believe this is solvable."

Me, five minutes and a lot of undoing later: "I don't believe that was solvable."

That's really clever.

Let me lead by saying that the overall effect is fantastic.  The art is terrific and the general feel and style of things is really engaging.  I skipped the tutorial, which is probably a bad idea, but found almost everything intuitive enough, with helpful tooltips everywhere.  (Should I have learned earlier that discarding a card grants you its karma?  Yes.  Should I have learned that before discarding a negative-karma card when I had zero karma?  Absolutely yes.  This is my fault.)

I did find the game balance to be a little off: maybe because the player starts with fourcards and the opponent starts with one or two, I didn't ever really feel any sense of threat or risk of losing.  (And Strength is really powerful.)  I think if you wanted to keep working on it, there's a lot of room to explore how to balance the combats.

On the other hand, if you decide that a semester's long enough to work on a project, you can absolutely leave it where it is and be proud of it while you move on to even better things!

Hey, no worries!  A demo or pilot only needs to be as complete as you want it to be; I only said anything at all because, well, you did ask for feedback. :-)  I have no doubt that, given more time and attention, any and all issues will be addressed.

It's an interesting game!  A few thoughts:

  • I definitely had more animals than I needed; I'm not even sure I ever used a spider.
  • I picked up the fly before talking to the spider, which made the checklist and the conversation both a little strange.

It's a nice mechanic (every time I swear off sokoban, someone comes up with something that makes it interesting), but on top of that it's excellent level design: good introduction of new elements, the right amount of increasing difficulty.  Just very good all around.

Fantastic news all around--thrilled to see you able to come back to this, and glad to hear you're feeling good about where you are on it! there logic?  It feels random.

That one worked!  Definitely entertaining.

I don't know if it's just me, but while the blue button works to see the credits, pressing the red button (well, OK, the left arrow) starts some music but the screen doesn't change and the program stops responding.

Oh, turns.  Either that was not at all obvious, or it's well-documented and I can't read. :-)

It's surprisingly compelling!  I played it and thought "huh, neat", and then found myself coming back to it several times.

Is the store working?  I click on things in it and it sure looks like I lose omnium for it, but I don't seem to gain sanity/health.

I think this is a cool idea, but of course it needs more development.  Some things I noticed:

  • When you start, the animation moves fast. The first time I tried, I blinked and suddenly the entire screen was filled with fire and water and I couldn't really tell how it got there.
  • The first six or seven attempts I made, the left side filled with water, and the right side ended with some fire, some dirt (the pale brown is dirt, right?), and some water.  But I couldn't really understand why the water would sometimes spread over dirt, but clearly not all the time.
  • Similarly, on later levels, I wasn't always sure how things spread.  (Did oil move faster than water or was that my imagination?)

The concept is great, and I think with a little tweaking to make things clearer to the player, it'll really come together.

Super adorable, and "an elderly beholder who needs someone to bring him his glasses" is something I am utterly stealing the next time I run an RPG. :-)

I don't want to say you're overselling it, but that's a whole lot of description for a thing that's not really a demo, it's a one-level...puzzle? guessing game?  Is there an actual demo?

I also missed the reroll aspect (I thought "roll dice" was just a starting action), but once I realized, it's really quite entertaining.  Looking forward to seeing more of it!

This is delightful.  Just enough twists to keep things interesting, some really cool mechanics I've never seen before.  Fantastic.

uh so there was this brown door-looking thing and I walked through it and I won.  I don't think this is working the way you think.

I don't think I understand how it works.  Do you just have to guess what the translation is?  How exact do you have to be?

I did; that was the stupid (clever) part. :-)

That was incredibly stupid.  I love it.

qba'g zvff gur snpg gung gur flzobyf nyfb sbez gurve bja cvpgher! :-)

Firefox.  Which seemed to be working otherwise?  (Though I admit I didn't play for very long--not the fault of the game, which looks clever, but of my inability to think in isometric coordinates.)

I didn't get "YOU DID", but I got...something.  Else.  I have no idea how.

"Oh, so, sokoban."  <three levels later> "Ohh, no, this did just get interesting, didn't it!".  That's a neat variation with some tricky bits to it.

Those are some fascinatingly weird mechanics!  Boy did I go through several separate stages of "but that's not even possible".  Excellent work.

No worries!  Roguelikes can go either way. :-)  It's really nicely put together regardless, and a lot of fun.

just for clarity, as I enter Time Loop 7: is there a "win" condition, or is it an adventure-until-you-die kind of roguelike?

Wow.  That is a lot, all of it good.  (Is the poem your own work?  It's really lovely.)

That was a lot of fun!  I wish I hadn't needed the hint on the sculpture room (because I had the right idea--but I thought it applied to the modern art room!).  As for the modern art room, I believe the answer is that every single one of them is watching me.  It's super creepy.

I liked it, though I felt like I was guessing a lot in the latter half (and I never figured out whether "which students were missing" was useful information).  Would love to see a guide to the logic, just so I know what I missed!

Super adorable and super cozy!

At the moment I'm feeling either O1 or I missing some controls for the game?  How do I pick a word?

I may be really angry about that last level...

Oh, sure, it saves your place, but somehow if you go destroying the continuum, you have to restart?  Gee, thanks a lot!

(Seriously loving this.  Now to not destroy the continuum.)