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Leer doesn't seem to actually do anything to make a monster's defense worse, it seems like the monster takes  the same amount of damage no matter how many times I use it as if Leer isn't working properly.

Also, the HP gauge can be visibly completely empty for a monster when it isn't at zero HP.  A strange design choice or maybe a bug?

Yes, it started to randomly do it on more than just cave, grass, and water tiles, it started doing it on road tiles and other tiles that aren't supposed to actually cause monsters to appear. Also monsters appeared randomly during monster battles as well, which interrupts the previous battle and just doesn't make sense. Can you detect and  fix the issue?

Do you intend to expand upon this game? Make it a little longer perhaps? I quickly ran out of unique things to do in less than 5 hours.

Why does it say "THE ALL YOUR MONSTERS ARE HEALED..." when you go to the Pico stop? Shouldn't there be no "the" in the sentence?

The game is glitched and sometimes randomly forces me into a random encounter without moving into grass. Fix it please.