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You didn't answer the question :/

Anyway it's not fair to hijack the comments for this, I suggest you visit ScummVM's forums or Discord so we can help you

It's here but I have no idea how good it'll run with Wine

Could you explain better what do you mean with "ScummVM does not work for me"? You should be able to compile your own build following the wiki instructions

If you choose "game options" from the ScummVM launcher you should be able to pick <default> or <english>

I haven't tested on Mac M1, but the full game works with ScummVM. Make sure to use the 2.7.1 stable version, the development version (2.8.0) currently has some problems with AGS games.

If anyone is interested, the game works properly with the recently released version 2.7.1 of ScummVM (version 2.7.0 was affected by the infamous script error). The text display is also improved (antialiased)

Hi, the game is supported in ScummVM daily builds (both master and stable)

The ScummVM AGS engine is based off the "official" AGS engine branch 3.6.0, which is more restrictive compared to branch 3.5 which was used to build this game. As Happy-Ferret said it'd be better to wait for the dev to fix the bug, as a last resort we could add a workaround specifically for this game.