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Your handle is a perfect self-own.

You got me hooked! I must have more of this adorable and delectable lady!

Mana Burn is your friend, my man (does damage based on the current size of your mana pool - a hit with that as your 1st move can do over 40 damage if you've got a decent score in the skill). And Greater Ward is even more so (diverts all damage from the next attack into mana - recharges better than Wraith plus you don't take damage).

Mana Burn turns otherwise tediously or even dangerously long fights into easily managed ones simply by knocking off huge chunks of the enemy's HP right off the bat, and Greater Ward means you never need to worry about running out of mana, so long as you don't let yourself run dry - just keep casting it until your pool is full again.

it is a bit ironic that the best spells for combat are not in the Battlemagic school, I'll grant...

But in kph, the speed of light (commonly denoted as C) is roughly 1.07 Billion, so 60 million kph is approximately 1/18 of C. The speed of light is more often converted to kilometers per second, where it clocks in just a little slower than 300k. If I had to guess, the intent was to describe a speed of roughly 1/10 C, but in miles, since C=~670 million mph?

Maybe it would be better to refer to your interstellar speeds as fractions or multiples of C (or even just say lightspeed), rather than using units intended for very different situations? That would both be easier for most readers to understand intuitively, and be less prone to accidental conversion errors.

Sorry to necro an old comment, but I couldn't help myself.

More to the point, I really enjoyed what you've created so far. Thinking seriously about becoming a patron now.