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Hi, I found what looks like another copy of your game. Below, the first link leads to a video of the ad. The second link is the app store page for it.

(I had commented this under Game theft and the importance of licences a while ago, but the copy is still up which is why I have pasted it here as well.)

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They do say that the point of the game is not to complete it and that it's just an absurd premise:
"In Infinite Monkeys, your monkeys will have to type the entire first scene of King Lear - the length of the text is part of the absurd premise; I don't actually expect you to complete it all."

How would it work if i get two of the same skills? I just got the option to get a second Laughter Medicine skill. Would they stack?

The aspect ratio doesn't fit my computer, and so the text on the left is cut off. What can I do?

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I don't know if this is the right place to say this, but I found what looks like another copy of your game. Below, the first link leads to a video of the ad. The second link is the app store page for it.

Really fun! Though it is possible to just hold space and stay alive (atleast in the early parts, haven't actually gotten very far)

yes. the goose steals your cursor and obstructs your vision with memes. (joke)

Played this a lot during the summer, since then was it changed how sand falls?

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First of all, I loved the game! I had some questions/nitpicks, though:

1) Why is some art so much more detailed than others? ex. the witch's overworld sprite and the witch's dialogue image

2) Does the black deck only have the double damage card?

3) Some cards have titles in all caps, when others are normal.

4) The player's hitbox is strange, as I think shots that hit the player's head just go through.

5) It can be confusing how the Goblin bomb thing releases blue projectiles instead of yellow.

6) Is there a way I can get into the basement again, or does it have no more use after defeating its boss?

7) Will there be a steam version or any more updates / anything more of the game?

WOO i did the last level without killing the crocodile, by timing it

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At some point, if you pull it back far enough in any direction, it just faces southwest. Fun game, though!

So are all balls of a lower tier upgraded in the shop?

For example, if I had a 0 star tier 1 ball, and then the shop started selling tier 2, is it now impossible to get another 0 star tier 1 for upgrading?

I have a question that's kind of nitpicky.
Did the color of the sea use to be the same color as the background of the page? Some of the images have the background sea color, when some images have it as a more blue color, which is also what it is in the game.

Regarding save/load codes,
Are O (uppercase o) and 0 (zero) the same? Also, would it be possible to make it highlightable, so I can copy paste it into a notepad or something?

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you've probably already learned by now but it's in derek's school

This game is so fun!

Thank you! I had no clue there was more stuff in the shop, haha

Fun game, though i just gave up after so many tries. I wonder if theres a spot you can stand where you would never have to move to win.

I wish it were easier to tell when you grabbed the gem. Again, other than one or two things, its a great game!

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if you flail wildly you can go out of bounds and you get stuck out of bounds.

Apparently you can also flail back into bounds. Rewinding does not help.

Also, if you do this while robbing and the timer goes off, it keeps trying to pull you in, but can't, and you get softlocked.

You can also flail wildly and go through yourself

Awesome game, though!

are you focused on the game? like have you clicked on it

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you can fall through the map on the moving platforms level

video of it:

walk into the bullets while in slow motion

why doesn't the death wand work on the tutorial guy?

i just didn't choose it on my first run
but i think there's three images with crosswalks if that helps

is there a way to listen to the music?

jumbotron + extra balls is really good, since you just hit 4 balls at once and delete the screen every hit

I feel like the stats on the left that appear when you are choosing a card are a little overwhelming. Otherwise, I really enjoyed it!

Is there a tutorial? I don't really understand what I'm doing.

They home into blocks, if that explains the strange bouncing

Its so cool how you can use one character as an anchor that lets the other climb up a wall. I feel like there could be some really fun puzzles that could be made with that. For example, having Player A boost Player B up, and then climbing up with the other's help. Will definitely keep an eye out for updates on development

But gravity is also sideways

There's this glitch on room O where if you jump into the top right of the door, room P starts sideways
I'll try to get a video of it.