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A game that is so unapologetically about queer people finding community and companionship. Loved the story so much, the art style was so unique and the characters were flushed out really well. Western gay cowboys brilliant.

Very tragic and dark but so sweet. Is a short story but it does great with what it has.

Short, sweet, hilarious. This game has one concept and it executes it well. Had a blast playing with it and the art was soft and fit well with the mood.

This game is short but kept me hooked the entire time. The character sprites are so emotive and I love the poses that Huskley does (very rag doll like). The story has a clear message it's trying to tell with how the toy owner treats their toys. Never truely understanding that their power over them is the cause of every conflict and believing they can fix everything by playing god. It's just so good and it left me feeling unerved and empty (to be clear enjoyed it) . Spoilers there is no truely happy ending and it is better for it .