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Thank you very much what is your score?! I recommend playing the downloadable version if you are on Windows 😁

We are happy that you liked it Mohamed!

Glad to seen another Legend of Zelda fan!

Solid points thank you for the feedback 😁

Thank you!

Really well done! had fun attempting to solve the puzzles! 👍

I was stuck since i did not know you could screen wrap 😂

One of my fav types of games!

good job from a fellow knight 😁

Very creative!


Very polished amazing art as well!

A Simple yet well polished game! 

Do I see rurouni kenshin? or are my eyes playing tricks on me 👌

الفكرة ممكن تصير رهيبة كلعبة اربيجي تعتمد على الالوان وخلطات بينهم!

Amazing art! 

We need a full song version! 😂

I wanted more levels! such a great idea! with minimalistic art I love it ❤

I wanted more levels! such a great idea!

Big fan of the character art and the flames! the wind effect is a nice touch!

Amazing game! loved the writing!

the concept is great having to fight the boss with different weapon each time

and sweet ending to Rasheer's chronicles 😁

الرسوم رائعة جدا ما شاء الله تبارك الله  😍


Such an epic death I laughed so hard thank you 😂

فكرة اللعبة جدا ذكية وتستخدم الموضوع الزنقة بشكل ممتاز!

استمتعت فيها وانهيت جميع المراحل 👍

الفكرة جميلة وممتعة

اضافة اسلحة واعداء مختلفين راح تضيف للعبة الكثير!

شعور القضاء على اكثر من عدو بطلقة واحدة رائع 👌

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"يا ولد!" 😂

الرسومات ممتازة! 

الفكرة مضحكة 😁

الفكرة رهيبة الصراحة!

حتى طابع اللعبة رهيب. 

 الفيديو وصل فكرة اللعبة بشكل افضل

So true! we still can't get over how cute the character ended up looking 🤣

شكرا شكرا 😁

شاكر لك احمد!

سعيد انها اعبجتك 😁

Play Web Version: Link

العب على المتصفح: رابط

Thank you! I suggest playing it in full screen mode or downloading to avoid this problem 😊

AMAZING!!! it captures the essence of the game well 😂

Thank you Ran!

Glad you loved it! 😁

Looking forward to it!! 😍

The cat manager from KittyTucky!

The game we worked on!

I agree with Zapposh it would be a great feature to have. 

Press the render button it should work after doing that

LOL! glad you liked it!

Thank you very much for your words of encouragement!

Solid game play no doubt here! But as you mentioned it does not exactly fit the theme; However I think you should continue developing it as it definitely has potential!

As the others said the light mechanic is great. I also liked that there were several different enemies with various behavior. 

The time of the day changing caught me by surprised! It was a nice touch! I recommend letting the bullets fly past the cursor maybe up to the edge of the upper screen if you wanted to place a limit for how far can it travel. 

Loved the art and presentation. Wished if there was more to the gameplay. Good Luck Alex!

Thank you!

Any updates regarding the art?