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Table 53

A member registered Mar 19, 2019

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Enjoyed it! Although I did find a way to hide behind the built mech in a way that enemies couldn't reach me, so the screen was full of them when I started jumping and smashing haha

Excellent puzzle game, endlessly fascinating

Review here:

Had an absolutely fantastic time with this game. Expected to jump in and just give the demo a try for a few minutes, ended up 100%ing the demo over the course of 2 days and 2.5hours of playtime. Wrote a video review for the game here:

Absolutely remarkable quality and definitely worth checking out. I'll be keeping my eye on Akurra's progress, devs deserve a lot of credit!

I've already written a short review as a comment on here, but if anyone wants more information I've written a video review of this excellent game here: (Length ~4min)

A really nice game. Excellent visuals and audio with simple yet satisfying platforming. It's fun to unravel the short tale BURD tells and after completing once I was determined to go through again and find a more positive ending. BURD on the other hand had other ideas, deciding that the alternative happy ending should never happened by opting to just kill you with lightning every so often in the least satisfying game mechanic I have ever experienced. No warning, no purpose and seemingly no counterplay the game became too frustrating with attempt after attempt ended by BURD deciding that my time had come. And so it had, definitely worth a try a really nice experience but on the moral compass only one direction is worth travelling in.