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Thanks for the great feedback :D yeah ahah We find 1 player quite difficult. One solution we debated was having the boat just always move and you only need to focus on canonballs, but we didn't want to get rid of the need to also use the engine. We also debated just giving the player more speed when using the engine in 1 player mode to make up for the change in difficulty. Any solutions you can think of? Or should we just decrease the canonball amount significantly :P? Would it then be too easy? Gah ahah I'm curious what your thoughts are because we'd love to improve it! Anyways, thanks for enjoying regardless aha The game was definately created with co-op in mind :P

Thanks! ^^ aha you should check out my one from the game jam i did last weekend aha I think its rather hilarious too :P its called Stay Saved!

Thanks ^^ ! Ahah yeah we're working on fixing that problem, we know exactly what's wrong, just tricky :P