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incredible addon, been using it for years and cant imagine opening imgs without it

Really great base for a game, but kind of disappointed that nothing happened after finishing mission 13. Hope you expand on this in the future.

Unplayable on WMR. I can handle binding my own controllers, but the MK18 freezes in place when i pick it up unless I'm using focus, the pistol's position is way above the actual controller, movement of the arms and locomotion are like moving through molasses, and telekinesis is just completely broken.

why don't you just touch the ground lol

Yep! Tested and working in WMR.

Nice detective skills :p


Fun concept, but terrible camera!


Thank you, sir.

This game is really fun, but after you get the basic survival needs, the game just becomes repetative. Keep working on this, looks promosing!

SteelRaven7 already said; "I will release the source files when i feel like it, probably when i finish or stop working on it"

No problem man, I respect that. Thanks for the update and keep up the awesome content!

I made an account just now to leave a comment about this game. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. The simple character models look great, the animations are awesome, and everything in this game feels almost perfect. Some suggestions: 1. Feedback. You don't feel anything or have any way of knowing when you get hit/hurt. 2. Multiplayer, Obviously. 3. More levels, Weapons, Vehicles, customization, etc. I understand these are hard to do, that this is a "version 0.1", and that these changes will come slowly. (Also, is there any chance you will be releasing the source code for this?) Thank you for reading this, Mr. Developer Person. I love you and your game.