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Hi, the save button should appear now. There is an error formatting that causes the left menu bar to not appear.

You should be able to save if you are using pc/laptop in non-incognito website

You can do that starting with this update, just make sure to export your data since your chrome can just delete all the itchio memory

Hi, I've received a lot of similar comments with android/ios users. This game is currently only optimized for pc.

Yeah, I haven't had time to input new items T_T. I'll check the blood pendant issue. Thanks for the heads up

Heyo, it only feels like 2 turns since it activates at your first end turn

Yeah, that's the latest content for that version

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Yes, you should be able to meet her. I've just tested it and it works normally. I'll still check it again if there's a bug somewhere

So the minimum level to meet her is lv.12, if you still cannot meet her after reaching lv.12, lemme know

Ohohoho. Well, if I have more time I'll definitely create top scenes too.

Yeah, I just simply clicked submit after hearing it from TerreTheMageslayer

Maybe you played it on incognito window? Usually the game cannot be played because: it's played on incognito window (that's why there's no storage), extensions blocking it, or it's played ouside of pc.

Nah, they're alpha males. They wouldn't let their asses be claimed, but we'll see in the future ^v^

Thanks! I'll try to do that, or just have a big continue button if there is an upcoming update.

Oh, I have no clue what bara jam is. I'll look into it.

The next update should be on November, this month I'm creating a new short game called Adventurers Cleaning Service. You can check it out on my page.

There should be a height limit for cerberus. If you mean belphegor then yes, there is no second evolution for him yet

There is an evolution, make all your stats max and then the evolve button will appear

It's on the left side on the menu bar. But I've heard the menu bar disappearing happens for android users, this game is optimized for pc so I'm not sure what causes that on android.

Hmm, it should work starting from this version. Not the previous version.

There was a paralysis issues a few months ago that I've resolved. Lemme check it again. Thanks for the info

Hi, the bladestorm and carnage issues have been resolved in the newest update.

It's here now in the newest update!

If on the left side of your screen there isn't a save button function, let me know. I've heard a few comments about this.

I've heard this issue happened 1 or 2 times before but when I tried it there's no issue. So, let me look at it again if it happens

yep, you can save

Mixed path pic that is done is only for muscle + fat

Shoot, you're right. I'll fix it in the next update.

Hi, it has been resolved!

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Yes, for the time being, the prior save does not work with the later versions of the game. I'll do my best to fix it in the future version.

Yes, they are sketch placeholders

Hi, so you can still complete the game with warrior erotic if you upgrade the correct skill and stats every level. But for now, it’s the most difficult because it has the strictest stat distribution and build.

Hmm, I've been able to capture and recapture ixion, even in the current version. I'll check it again if I find any errors.

Don't worry, I'm balancing it as the development goes on. For now, you can download the game as a Patreon member. But even then, it'll still pop up in the web browser; that's just how twine-based games normally work.

Hi, it seems for now that it doesn't work for different versions of the game. I'll try to solve it in the next update.

Oh, you're right. This bug only applies to the new random items you get from exploring, other items can be unequipped normally. It'll be resolved next update.


Hi, the game is currently optimized for pc. It also might not work because it's played on incognito window or extensions blocking it

Hmm, I can see Orthrus' image. I'm not sure, but did you use an old save? It might be the reason he doesn't appear.

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Thanks for the info! It has been resolved, a single character typo made that error.