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I have a question: What would you call on with a skill_get (or ultra_get) in a string of code? Would you use the name of the mutation or..?

ex: if instance(player) skill/ultra_get(?) {

probably a configurable option, but I feel a half to a fourth of a second would be enough time to hold it, so that tapping it doesn't register the menu/timeslow

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so, as robot (or any character) switching with an empty offhand will in fact switch to the empty offhand. robot then can proceed to consume it. I assume it works with others as well, but don't take my word on that. (inf eat did work when I had defpack on, so that could'be been a problem

also, most weaponless characters error when this mod is installed, but some others like molesarge I believe also do. not confirmed, but may be an issue

also possibly make it so that robot can eat a weapon if he has one in his inventory, as getting a laser pistol, and having a cluster launcher + laser cannon won't let you eat the weapon if you only have one weapon in your hand. You have to take the launcher out, switch to the pistol, and make sure you don't accidentally eat the launcher when it goes to your main hand, from your offhand, and the pistol goes to your offhand

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The radial menu is kinda awkward to use, since sometimes it just doesn't work. Maybe make an animation for when you're hovered over a weapon, and want to switch to it? Or possibly let us click to swap it into our main hand?

There's also another infinite eat bug, where a blank weapon slot will allow you to consume it over and over if you (possibly) just have one weapon, and press space

Possibly make melee #1 instead of #6, as it makes a bit more sense to have it closer/faster to pull out in dire situations

Also maybe add a small amount of time you have to hold space, so that it doesn't slow when you just tap it

Hope you continue this, cause it's hella cool