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T-Dog eXtreme

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Would really love the opportunity to customise the space and character.

It would just add a lovely and cozy personal touch to the space and even use colours that are a bit more "calming" for me :D

omg sorry i didn't see this, if i remember it correctly i think i packaged this as a file to be installed. so you should install it first and then wherever you've placed it, there should be the .exe ready to play? if it's messed up lemme know and i'll try to rebuild it!

E is the interact button for non-door related objects! 

Hey! I'm sure I remember you but this name does not tell me at all who u r lmao

Sorry I didn't get to say hey tho! 

this is genuinely so touching

Yeah, i made this game a while ago, and the whole thing taught me a lot about making games. I was actually thinking of eventually redoing the whole game, with like a more consistent art style, better camera, all that. It'd be a new and entirely separate thing. 

Do you think that'd be a good idea? 

fucking A+ for these trash banners

my aim is to educate, yes 

this snail has solved literally all of my problems

im t-dog reborn