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A member registered Jul 09, 2021

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It will be super cool if you add option to change resolution

How to start a game? after clicking "new game" i see no stage and only move i can "change"

After first screen with language select i have black screen. I hear music restart couple times but still black screen.. Win10 21H1 firefox 98

If you move and go to the upgrade menu. Sound of walking will infinite repeats :D

Graphioc are good but music is not so good looped so its get annoing. movment feels a little strange but its ok. Can you add window mode? And maybe go to the next lvl with jump button.

How long is that game?

The game is too dark? You see almost nothing and you cant change that in option. I must jump blind to hope something is there. Camera move too fast from right to left when you turn around. If it have more option like change movement prom wsad to arrows it will be cool.

How about add timer to count how fast did you beat the game?

Hello. I think  this game need option. For change sound volume and change from fullscreen to window. PLS add it ^^