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A member registered Dec 16, 2022

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nice game!

quality game as usual!

nice game! perrrrrrrrrrrrkele

great game!


Nice game!

Thats was great! awesome atmosphere !

cool little game! i have gotten most of the endings i think! :D 

nice short game!

i am inside your house

game runs like shit

Great game! i enjoyed the darkweb satanic theme!

nice short experience

that was a nice short game! i enjoy playing these indie horrors! if you care,a sub would mean alot

i will be playing a lot more games like this one.

very high quality game! 

great demo!

wow that was very short! but also very unique!

Finally! the long awaited sequel is here!

very good game! especially that main menu! beautiful

that was fun! i enjoyed dodging the cars :D

the atmosphere was great,maybe it was a bit too short but good game overall!

neat short game!

well made little game!

nice jumpscares! :D i enjoyed this little game!

i played this game. 

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nice short game!

interesting game!

Nice game! i like the aesthetics a lot!

nice short game!

Cool game so far! I will be playing the full version when it comes out!

great game!

nice short game

Awesome game,very well made!

cool short game! i got the bad ending

nice game! so many jumpscares

this one was actually scary! great game!

spooky game but my gpu was screaming lol