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Game playlist:

I stumbled upon this game, and I must say it's exquisitely crafted. The art style, designs, UI, and animations have been thoughtfully chosen to enhance the storyline and create a cohesive experience. I genuinely appreciate the attention to detail.

The relationships between the characters are very lovely, though they would need some improvements on communication, haha. After all, communication is very important in a relationship.

The after ending does make one curious of what will happen next with the open ending. I'm looking forward to the next story!

Game playlist:

I got the recommendation for this game and tried it out! It's a cute little game about a class project where we may date our classmates for real after that, haha. The story is simple but cute and I like the interactions. 

If you're thinking of updating the game in the future or for other games, the music volume equalization and the minigame length change will make the minigame experience much better! Sometimes the minigame lasted too long and the minigame music is too loud compared to the normal background music.

Other than that, lovely game, and I'm looking forward to potential Matthew's story in the future if you're thinking of it!


I have reviewed here before, but I want to give my update review on the updated version! Wanted to update on my original comment but it's too far gone to go back so I'm writing another comment here.

I finally see all the new CGs, endings, epilogues and the secret route (After a lot of replaying haha)! Everything built up very nicely to reach the secret route, and I highly enjoy it! It hurts my heart to go through those bad or not fully happy endings though >_<

As mentioned, my route preference changed over time with the additional scenes, or routes. I really like the epilogues at the end. It feels like they make the endings fuller. Like there's a resolution at the end or just fluffy interactions at the end. 

Also I do feel like the secret route should be named true route haha.

Game Playlist:

Sacrarium Gelus is a lovely story featuring our cursed protagonist and a trapped living god (nice or mean depending on your choices)! While there is only one main person to interact with, I like that there is a lot of depth about Heimos, about his background, what he liked, expressions, experiences and so much more! He reacted to each choices, and the ending varied depending on your action and thoughts.

I really like the pace and the interactions before Heimos and our protagonist. The way they think is quite mature and how they handled the villagers seems to be the best option (despite revenge is sweet but too risky haha). Despite the dark themes, I mostly feel fluffiness during the stay at Mt. Gelus. The most important thing is communication and willingness to explain yourself. It makes the interaction between the two so open!

Thank you for the lovely game and I'm looking forward to your future games!

Game playlist:

Even with only short 3 days, we experienced a charming time preparing and making our Christmas special! Renting love for Christmas is a short game you can play for about 2 hours or more depending on reading speed about renting charming men to help with your Christmas on an app. Despite the obstacles or awkwardness at first, the experience turned out to be very very fun!

The men are quite handsome and cute catering to various taste. My favorite is still Alexandre with Dominic close second, hehe. I really like charming men and funny men, I suppose. Of course, the other two are lovely too, and I'm still curious about Kaito's real name. You can't cut off at the end like that! OwO

Anyway, another great game and I'm looking forward to your potential new games!

Game Playlist:

Meeting in the Flesh is an interesting game, especially for someone who are interested in suitors that was different from the norm yet still quite loveable. I especially love the world building that was quite strange but beautiful and the differences in culture in it, since everything was made of something else and not normally human.

The suitors were interesting in their own way, with Yiestol's gentleness, Brattan's bravery and lust for adventure, and Nyargh's gruff kindness. All of the good ending for the suitors were quite passionate and I do admit reading through it made me blush a little, haha. Or maybe the writing is too good, I appreciate a good read.

Thank you for making the game and I'm looking forward for your new game!

Game playlist:

Spectral Phantasy is a lovely game that takes about 1 hour or less depending on reading speed to play in the spooky season, or if you feel like light spooky stuff in any season! While there are some content warnings, the story is pretty lighthearted and as warned, those contents are there, but they are not the focus on the story, so it's good for anyone who want something light, fluffy and still have a bit of spookiness. 

I love the interaction between our protagonist and the cute love interest. The ending is quite open, but it ends on an optimistic note, based on the ending I've gotten. Maybe the others end should be spookier, since we do have multiple endings!

The UI and art of the game is pretty, and I do like the purple-ish color scheme.

Game playlist:

This is a nice DLC for the main game with the same name and a lovely game to play for Halloween, a mix of spooky and cuteness at the same time about a lady who accidentally got mixed in with the supernatural. Lucky or unlucky? It depends on her priorities and taste, haha!

I really like the personality of the protagonist here with her funny thinking process. She's also very pretty. The men, as usual, are very attractive though I'll steer clear of a certain man who wave knives around there. As mentioned, my favorite is a certain wizard for his ending! Though, for looks, Eliot is my favorite. I just really like beautiful men.

I went in with expectation of bad endings and good endings only, but the individual endings with the men really surprised me. It's pretty interesting! Some endings lacked the omph! compared to the others that makes the men less memorable with their endings for me. Then again some are spoiler free and some are not. I am heavily biased about who I like haha.

In the end, these men are bad people, but at least they're hot. 😋

Great experience, and I'm looking forward to trying out the rest of games in the future!


Monster Cafe is a cute little game about quirky and cute regulars. There's a slight hint of spookiness, but mostly cute fluffy interactions between everyone. It's a nice 1 hour playthrough game for anyone who like slice-of-life drink making story.

I also like the little mini game for making the drinks and the creative ingredients naming options. It's very fun!


Under Maintenance is a lovely game about a girl who somehow found real love when her 2D husbandos is away. What a move to 2D to 3D! I highly enjoyed the experience with all the handsome men and cute moments. Now, for the questions! I've answered in the video above but might as well answer it again.

1. Which character was your favorite? Why?
Theo was my favorite because of his looks and personality. I just really like long-haired guys and he feels comforting. Of course the others were very lovely too, but Theo takes the cake for me. Second on the list would be Mr. Steal your girl, what a cutie.

2. Did you manage to make all the guys on the main screen regain their color?
Yep yep. All the colors! Since I played all routes haha.

3. What's your favorite moment in the game?
It would be the moment of first kiss for Theo. Real shocking since I didn't expect that on an unexpected first date. Then the spicy scene with Luca is the next.

4. Do you want a Mark route?
Yes. I'm curious how it would be. I mean, the extra bad(?) ending for someone promoted that it's worth it.

5. Would you replay the game if it were fully voiced?
Yes, certainly. I enjoyed listening to the voices. More voices, even better!

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Game Playlist:

Extracurriculars is a short game that you can play for about 30 minutes (but I read slow so it drags to 1 hour haha) with cute boys with quirky personalities and an extra quirky protagonist. For me, the most entertaining is the MC herself! Free like the wind despite the weirdness that you should be panicking in normal situation. Handsome men are her priority!

Time for the questions!

1. Who was your favorite character and why?

My favorite is Zeke because of how sweet and cute he was. I mean, the others also cute but he feels the most normal to me, and I like that normality. Ine almost took that spot for his humor (he's not joking about what he said but everything came out of his mouth is so funny), but my liking for Zeke held on.

2. What was your favorite scene in the game and why?

Every scene that had Ine in it, which are his classroom scene and his valentine ending scene. You can say I have a small "gravitational attraction" towards him after those physics puns haha.

3. Would you want a full length version of this game?

Yes, please! This has a cute idea and I like all the characters, so I would love to see more.

A question of my own: If you were to make the full length version in the future, will it remain this lighthearted atmosphere or will it be more serious or lore heavy?

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Game playlist:

A Crane's Gratitude is a short and sweet game you can play around an hour or more depending on reading speed about a lovely story between two people, one wishes to give gratitude and one wishes to help others, both are very, very lonely. Then, they found each other. A simple but straightforward and earnest story.

I like that it's loosely based on a folklore but also presents an original part of that folklore. Also, the story gives us either a bold or a shy dynamic between the two protagonists and I find that very charming. I either love bold Fuyuri or the other assertive gentleman there, and their interactions are so very cute! Even if there is an epilogue after the main story, it leaves me wanting for more of that cuteness.

One thing I have to wonder is about the ways of interaction between the protagonists. The interactions are indeed cute, but there is a somewhat blend between bold/assertive and shy/passive, so it's a bit confusing to track whether Fuyuri is bold or if she is assertive, something like that. I think the different epilogue would be based on those interactions, or something else?

Either way, great game, and I would love to try other games you may make in the future!

Thank you! Every games have a potential to be great and this one is especially interesting!

Game playlist:

Teisatsu is a nice and cute game you can play for about 2 hours or more depending on reading speed. Pretty sweet and simple story overall, and I love that the ending of the story doesn't end with our protagonist's success but an open ending and hints of something more. 

It brings that curiosity about their background, as I feel it could be expanded more on if there's a sequel. Understandable, since the game is created in a tight deadline for the NaNoRenO 2022, so the contents remained limited but great quality.

It's interesting that despite the real bad first impression (and me getting over serious, haha), I get interested in the bois over time. My favorite turned from Haruki to Isayama. I guess there's something about that stoic, overly serious man that's kinda funny and calls out to me, haha. 

Overall, great game, cute bois, a story with expanding potential or sequel! Don't think too much at the beginning like me, I guess! (´ω`*)

Game playlist:

It's the end of the story and the peak of the adventure. What will happen next? I hope everyone will band together and save the world! World's Doom is a cute little game you can play for April Fools. With outstanding art, design, and UI, it's almost like going to a 2-bit older RPG game, though this one is more visual novel that you can play for about 2 hours depending on reading speed. The heroines are great and cute, the love interests are handsome and interesting and there are so many love interests! Unfortunately, there are too many people for any romance to be going on here but at least we have fanfics! Or we have other games like Renting Love from Christmas or Colorful MIRAI *hint hint nudge nudge*. I'll be sure to look at these games later too, haha. Since the ship doesn't sail for this one, I shall do for the other one.

Thank you for making a lovely game! Looking forward to trying out your other games!

Series playlist:

Woo, thank you for the adorable story! Pre-odyssey is a charming love story about cute and soft love between a couple that you can experience in 2 hours or more. As I have mentioned, I love the interaction between our protagonists, especially how soft they were. Fluffy fluffy~ Props to the literal wingmen of ducks and their variety of looks! They made everything interesting and third-wheeling the couple, poor Odysseus. Haha for duck puns.

A light-hearted isekai sounds like a great idea, and I would love to see anything with Penelope and Odysseus and the ducks in it. I sure love to see more of that lovey dovey! Ooh, maybe PenelopexOdysseus in modern time would be nice! (I saw that great art nudge nudge wink wink). Anyway, I'll be checking out your future games and what you've made soon!

What a heart-pounding experience with the senpais! Here we have all types of senpais with their own handsomeness, long and sharp chins. My favorite is Ikemen senpai with his big strong look and cute heart-shaped face! What a lovely valentines day and April fools. I feel the doki in the air!

Thank you for creating such a wonderful game! 

I started playing on the otome jam version before finding the updated version and I had a lot of fun! Each love interests were lovely, and my favorite would be xyx according to personality and route story so far. I love the voices for each love interests and even the side characters in the chat along with the interactions amongst everyone. Each route have its own theme and I love the little interactions outside of the game and the cameos. 

I look forward to any new games that you made!

Thank you for making such a lovely game! Winter Flower is a game that you can play in about 1 hour more or less depending on reading speed about a folklore like story with wonderful voice acting, animation between scenes, soothing music and straightforward story. On the other hand, perhaps because of the details on the animation, it left the skipping a bit wonky when I tried, but that's just a minor setback for anyone who wanted to use that feature. 

Everyone did great in their voice acting, but I have to say I love Fuyu's voice very much, haha. The ending song was wonderful, the traditional Japanese music suits the atmosphere and matched my taste and I'm glad to get the ending where everyone was happy. I wonder what how their daily lives would be after that.

Due to the fact I recorded this before the updated version, so there's no updated art, but I'll check it out in the background.

Thank you for the localization of this lovely game! I have just finished the secret route and really love the characters in this game. 

You can watch the multiple playthroughs here in this playlist:

The game is relatively short for each route that you can play in less than an hour per route with quirky characters. Whether no name, main love interests or secret characters, everyone in the school life is very wholesome, with clear cultured taste *cough*maidloverforclasspresident*cough* and the weakness for our protagonist handsomeness. Though, what made the playthrough most enjoyable is the assertiveness, aggressiveness and absolutely gentlemanly of our female protagonist. Be it bridal carry, piggy back carry or getting a kiss, she's on top! 

I have managed to finish the end of Delphine's Discovery!  You can watch the whole playthrough in this playlist:

It was a mysterious and cute ride, with nice interactions between the two protagonist along with a lovely and practical ending. The story was lovely, along with investigation process that uncovers the mystery gradually. I love the VA! Though I thought it would be nice to have it more connected to the scene, in a way. Maybe more voice lines, or less voice lines in some scenes. Sometimes the voice lines popped up in random scenes, which confuses me a little, since it often did not seemed like important scenes.

Eitherway, it was a great experience and I look forward to your next game!

Thank you! I'm glad that I haven't butchered the name, haha. I'm going to do another episode too, so I hope that you will follow the playthrough! The second playthrough had been up! 

Hello, I've just started a gameplay of the game and everything looks good so far! Everyone is so pretty! I'm looking forward to finishing the game~

It's now the end of the playthrough of Yrsa Major! You can watch the full playthrough in the playlist here:

I greatly enjoyed the game and especially the dynamics between the characters. You had conflicts between the characters, but it was resolved in such a nice and mature way, and I also liked Yrsa and Uribel as characters. It made the flow of the games so calming, making it less heavy and more of a slice-of-life cute, wholesome and calming story. I especially loved the music on the menu screen too, good choice! 

Hello! I have just finished the gameplay for EDDA Cafe with the release of the final video above. You can watch the full gameplay segments in the playlist here: Now for the comments! 

Aside from my comments in the video, I loved that it's such a cute, charming and heartfelt game! There's no exact good or bad choice that we should make, since whether that choice is good or bad is based on what we think. In the end, I was happy that our protagonist was happy in the end, with no regrets! I loved the variation in the food for each ending, and they looked yummy!

This is the story from the side of the Saintess! I have greatly enjoyed the demo! It had great potential and and I'm looking forward to the future full release. 

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Congratulations to the submission to the otome jam! Someone recommended me this game and it looks so good so far! Looking forward to the full release! I will say that the theme of villainess and saintess/heroine caught my eye quite a bit, though my favorite would be Mr. Narrator despite his shadiness, haha! To be honest, it would be the best if everyone can be happy in the end, for both sides.

Hello and congratulations on releasing the game! This game was recommended to me by someone and the experience had been great so far! I love the interactions, the slice of life and gentleness between Yrsa and Uribel so far! It's nice to have such a mature couple. I may or may not too hype about certainnnnn CGs and may be completely butchered everyone's name, haha! This is the part 1 of my gameplay! 

Hello and congratulations on the submission and release for the Otome Jam! I've made a playthrough for Zai's route and would be working on the Mir's route too! The game was a great experience and everyone is so so cute! Short sweet and leaving for more! Like, what will their adventures in the future be? I may or may not laugh too much at some of the dialogue in the game >w<

Hello and congratulations on the release! I have just started a playthrough of the game on Youtube, and it looks good so far!