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I'm sitting on needles to read! I waited for it like an eternity. Your vn guys really worth every seconds to read. :3

Oh, I'm surprised. :D Thank you, I'm happy! <3 (I could make Ted's body a bit shorter though...)

It's not as good as you draw, but I tried my best. :D I hope you like it! ♥

That would be nice. :/ I'm just scared if I can't read it.

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Hi! If it's not a problem and if I'm allowed, I want to try to draw a fanart of Jeffrey and Ted for you. '^^ I'm not sure if I can succes though, because I'm a beginner artist. But at least I want to try to say thank you for your hard work. ♡

Guys, I really miss this novel. :'(

Yeeeeah, thanks! :D I thought I missed something early... :/

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Ah, and btw, Does Klaus got a route? I just wonder because I can't really contact with him. :/ The last thing with him was the nightmare and when I played Devon's route I met him with the telescopes, but I dunno how to get in a room with him or how to pick up the route with him. '^^

I want Devon update so muaaaaach >w< ♡

"I feel it coming out my throat

Guess I better wash my mouth out with soap

God I wish I'd never spoke

Now I gotta wash my mouth with soap"

This is how I feel actually after getting the good ED 2...

I'm kinda happy, but feel sad somehow. Well, this means great writing and visualizing skills. Thanks a lot. <3

Wow, the first publish was at my birthday , 4th of October. It's i dunno, kinda feel nice.

Yeah, i should use an android build. :p

Well, i think it may be compatibility problem, actually renpy is quiet tricky. Yap, i hope next build will work for you. :D

hmm, maybe just need a debug from the author, or maybe he just typed a wrong code, i know how easy to take a hour to figure out, where did i make a mistake, and always miss some " xd But if everybody can play it, maybe you should just delete and redownload, since at installing, maybe did not replaced some data or missed some important data. You should save your saves to your pc if u playing from android, like go to the Android folder and try to find: com.(something edensreach) or something like that. When you reinstalled, just place that save folder back to it's place in android's edensreach -> files folder. I didn't try it, but this is the most logical way if i can guess. I hope i was useful.

Wow... I-... I... Really proud of you! <3 Thank you so much. <3

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Nooooo, i loved Jeffrey's old sprite so much. :( He had that special face expression always. <3

Also, just take your time. Art is never something what must being rushed. :)


Thank you. <3

It may contain spoiler for new people, but may i ask if this was the last public update for Devon and also, do we have illustration of him? I just ask because the post updates are a bit difficult to me sometimes to understand, and also if there's illustration for Devon, i didn't earned no matter what i choose if i sniff his tank top or not. :/

I would gladly read, but i don't read vn on pc, i like it on phone. :/ But i want to support you with my 5☆ rate, so *gambatte* <3

Looks like. Maybe a jelaous developer or some guy who is actually didn't find any nsfw or just simply didn't like the story. Then why did he read it? These type of guys are real pain in the ass.

Who the hell is that peasant, who dares to dislike nice and kind comments at a masterpiece visual novel?!

Aaaaah, i'm so scared now that somebody will surely die! T_T

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I like your story so much. Keep going <3

Hell! I really enjoyed this Vn. <3 I wait for the updates for Ray. <3

I think when u stayed with him at the bar when you ate with Max. Or maybe when you woke up and u saw 4 names, each was Max, Ray, Kody and Alex. Perhaps you chosed Kody. I'm on Ray's route, so i chosed his name everywhere. :D

Wondrous. ♡

Why is this masterpiece still on hiatus? :( The novel and the world is crying for continue, I even hear and feel the pain in the universe, it's begging to continue. :'(

Thank you for the answer. :D

It's really enjoyable, but i can tell you, i feel like i used drugs to play it. This feeling reminds me when i first saw Alice in Wonderland 4 months before. \_(._.)_/ 

I really enjoyed it. <3

I don't understand something... I mean i enjoyed it so far, but how is it almost a half GB? O_O

I mean i thought it gonna be a long read, and i just finished up in less than half hour.

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Hey guys, may i ask if David or Jhon is dateable? :D 

I also really enjoy the story. <3

Splendid, most splendid and wondrous. ♡

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Yey! I'm was worried about you. :D It still sounds like really really serious, but get better soon!

I don't understan isekai :/

Yey. <3

I should read Diego's too as well. :D

July 15, ah shiiit, it's so faaaaaaaaar 😓

Btw, what happened to your wrist? I'm hope you are doing well and healthy!  This story of your is too 'most splendid', i like it so much. ♡

If you guys suggesting it as a real good one, i gonna give it a shot too! Also, my read thirst came back too. ♡

Sorry if i'm wasn't a nice help too, i'm a fellow noob, but doing everything to be better. 

Have a wonderfully nice night. ♡

In the last post, i saw, there's one or will be fully ended route, maybe it's Tai's?


Also, i'm a bit confused, because it's ended around knocking at Logan's door. Geez, i hope it's not Tai's route's ending. Logan is cute, but i'm more curious about Tai and there are things like happend the last 2 days what are actually waiting for us to get them know. Also i'm was CLEARLY surprised `my candy's` behaviour for Logan, like "Wow, so our character has a side like... this?"

Also i really really enjoyed! <3 I'm still waiting for the update for Tai, if he get more route update. Also i really wait for Dom and Axels, and also i want Jay too. :D I hope he will be dateable, it would be so fancy!

Hey, i really liked this update! It was really nice and heart warming. <3