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Yaaaay I can't wait! >w<

Thank you for the answer!

May I have a question? Is this project still in progress? Please don't tell if it's abandoned T-T

Oh thank you, you just gave me a second full rerun! :D

Heey, may I have a question? How can I increase my corruption level if I may ask?
Also, I would really like a second part of this game, I haven't played it through, but I start to feel the melancholia dwelling in me. :( It's such a great game...

I really can't wait for that dragon though. xdd

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Actually every single JRPG is about to grind levels. JRPG games are tend to be mathematically correct at some points, given a little rng into the system. If you want to beat them, then go and level up your characters, this is always the key in every single jrpg game. The difficulty is just right. What the point of playing a game if you are always winning.

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I've always loved games with graphics like this in my childhood and now I can enjoy it as an adult even. :D I really like it and it has a huge potential, though I have some problems. There should be an option that leads me back to the main menu to reload other loads and such problems like when I  start the game, if I point the cursor to the character, a little window pops up and sometimes it's bugging in the early phase and in the late phase it's completely disappears. When I shop it would be cool to see how many potions do I have when I want to buy some. The running animation is kinda weird and the jump is like flying. Still, this is my favorite game right now and you made a really great job! I can't wait to play it again!
Oh, and another problem, when I "die" I mean getting F-ed, I lose my potions during the previous fight if I use and like in the goblin encampment I couldn't go back to buy some. It would be cool after a losing fight to keep my potions.

Can't wait for Clyde update tho c:

Devon route please? :c

They need income sources too and no, this is a common source of money. This is only fair. They are working hard for their patreon members, including us who are enjoy the story without any purchase.

I also respect that. Imagine they are giving everything free is like they have no safety behind their backs. Since they made their vn with commercial purposes getting money, means they have some safety like copyright things, so the vulture people can't steal their stuff.

Dawwh, my fav is Devon too, but I would be glad for a Klaus update too :c ♡

Kinda I have mixed feelings. Although I can't tell how greatful am I, but I'm also scared if I download I lose the previous version. The novel was on hiatus and I progressed the story in my own head. I want to read it RIGHT NOW and I also don't. :( But I'm sure I will read it after a while and I'm sure that I going to cry for more and more and more. <3

I wish her to get well! <3

(I'm happy that Jeffrey has the same fears like I do, now I'm not alone)

oh, no problem. '^^ 

Android version. Please. :') I must read it!

I know this too, I also worked on a vn, I have a done prologue with cg, music, characters, choices, ect. But alone it's really hard. I had no time and space to create my own, so I hope you can! :D

I haven't read yet, but I'm already follow you. I like to read novels at a high amount of words and cg-s with characters. :D

The wallpaper really looks cute and I'm curious about the stor, so please don't give up at the start. :D

And I was like waiting and waiting and WAITING since months ago. I waited for notification to be honest and I also follow the project. I thought it has a dead end, figures out you brang updates just didn't show it in my feed. ;-;

You shouldn't take too much on you in a stressful situation. Moving out is already a huge deal and first of all, you are creating for us and not we. So please, take your time.

I'm still waiting after one and half a year to start reading this.

Ooh, that sounds great! I'm surprised. :D Thank you for letting me know.

I know it's common to read, but I really wish Russel to be a love interest... :') It's hard to force it back when your ideal is him. '^^

May I ask something? I'm not sure about the protagonist... Which one we play as? Or we have to imagine ourself in?

I'm still thinking about to try it out, I have to say I'm quiet curious, the thing is I usually wait with new projects to "sit a night" so it will taste better. I mean I tend to wait like half a year, so I can play it more than 10 minutes. (It's just an example. :D)

Niko daddy. 🤤

Wha- I think I forgot about myself...

Actually it's a really hard method to play Klaus' route tbh... I did once but I can't remember how, I played through all the possibility Though. Just try out the most relevant choices for him. But yeah, I couldn't say there are "routes" because it's about everybody, so you must hard focus on your ideal.

I... I don't know what to say. As I first saw Clyde I knew immediately he's my type. Like a Bonnie and Clyde relationship, hmmm, the realisation suddenly hit when I write this it's not an "accident"

I just suddenly felt I'm alive by his side as the protagonist. It made me desire for that like of a life. Also his eye scar is so damn charming, also the way he's speaking... Reminds me of somebody I miss.

Sweet words, thank you too. :) It always fills my heart with joy if I can make somebody happy. :) But I may have a bit of a mean request. At this visual novel, please don't improve, because you will lose it's magic and this is the last thing I want to. The art style also has it's "icon" to the game.

I wish I could work on mine vn too, I just can't stop focusing on my draw-style, but still I can't stand the feeling if it's not the best of me, I will never improve to the level I want to because I will feel like it's never enough what I can do. But certainly, nice stories always make me to gather my hopes and the will to try again. :)

This story is really imperfect but I must tell you, your story is in my top favourites. I knew right after I started to read it in November of 2020, like  the visuals of the characters are "weak", but I had a feeling it's something special. Fuck, who needs brainless Bara novel when you have Cor?

Anyway, I just realised today why your story is so great and it's because your own world. It's your own desire and the reason why you are so good at it is a bit of a blur to me, but it feels like you are an other-wordly visitor.

This is why your imperfect story is just perfect. It's about the desires to escape to another great world and this is what I want to.

I don't think it's as planned as others mentioned, like because of the bg and anything, it's simple, the story is your view. You selected the right bg's by your feelings. Everything is in match. Your masterpiece is just gives the "calm" vibes because it's, I dunno how should I put it in words... What I want to say is, I don't think you stress it. It has it's own natural laws and this is why I describe it as "calm". No rush, no hurry, everything has its time. I want more. ♡ Man, I always knew this is a special one, but this is the second or the third story what gave me the biggest chills on my spine. I missed to sleep with Mike though.

Hey guys, I have a problem. I wanted to install the update, but I've got another icon and actually I have my saves on the old one. :/ I'm playing on android.

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Actually, I had an exboyfriend and this exboyfriend of mine was same with Oscar, exclude I was higher than him, but he was a muscle stud as well xd I liked him so much, I just never felt he is my true one, sadly. Sometimes I miss him and it's fine every now and then. It feels good to play Oscar's role.

I'm was somewhere between Wallace and Lucas in that relationship, I just feel guilty I've never been able to look at myself how I treat him also to say sorry. He was such a nice guy and flirty but in the stupidest way, GOSH, HOW HE THOUGHT IT'S COOL TO TEASE ME WITH HIS IDIOTEST SEXIST JOKES GODDAMN IT. But in the end we remained friends. He told me he never found someone like me and I'm so proud of it. I hope he's doing well.

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Oh chani I like your vn's so much, they are just way too short and I always want more and more. :(

Tell me if you will make a long visual novel because I would be so happy! (I hope nsfw too - WHAT I DIDN'T SAY IT TRUST ME)

Hot... so hot...


I want to date this guy so bad. <3

Uhm guys, can you make an android version.? >.>

Yeah, that's kinda right. :D Thanks for the reply. :D

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Thank you for the reply, I wouldn't mind playing on PC, the problem are my parents, even if I'm 22, I prefer to read alone. ^^ If you creating your vn with Ren'py, then maybe I can give you a helping hand about how to make an android build, because I was struggling with it a lot. :s (Luckily, I got proper help in other dc servers)

Though I can't guarantee, because everybody's pc is different, for an example mine is in a horrible condition, so I spent days to figure it out what stuff I need to have, like java or dunno. :D So for 1 word's end with 100, android build is a tricky one, but once you figured it out, it will be easy next time.

So if you need help with it, just ask for my discord, maybe I will be useful for once in my life. 

Hey, may I ask for an Android build, so I can play too? ^^

Me too :/

Man, why does it hurt so much... At this point I feel like I want to spend time with Tora instead of Kouya... I have this hard guilty pressure on me on his route. :c