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Maciej Szczerba

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Thank you 💖

Thank you! 💖

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oh and I also made the little guy rotate real fast.

Very nice 🚀


Lovely <3 Have to ditto Roysterini here, very ingenious.

And my best score is 28 B)

the Dark Souls of food games

I... didn't win first time :(

Very nice! Did you make the sounds too?


yes, I also want to know "how"


the Dark Souls of Fruit Ninja games 🌵

(I got 2097 don't tell qst0)

thanks :)

Yay! Thanks for the update! I just updated my game with your update! :D

there is no other, there will be no other

foodlab foodlab foodlab

Thanks 💕

🧡 🌹

Thanks a lot, glad you liked it 🐁

> ENDING: Become Evil

nooo, waiii :(


It's perfect as it is *chef gesture*


Very demanding. I like it.

Hi! Can't find you with the contact info you provided, maybe you made a spelling error? Also, you left your exported game's difficulty at a very high value :)


One thing I will do is that… you lose, if you… don't do anything. Do you agree?

Hey, can you DM me on Twitter? @szczm_

Yyyyyup. But don't be surprised if we get a musician with 20+ years of experience first scoffing at your music, then mixing and mastering it to their likings.

—I mean yes.

Don't worry too much about tokens, but definitely try to optimize them. It's best kept under ~500, so 1900 is quite good :)

Hi cheekygreen! As monokuka suggested, you can join the Discord, but any method of contact other than Twitter or Discord will be enough, as long as it's reliable :)

It's on the jam page now! Also, I'll include it here for your convenience (PICO is awesome):


Hi! Each mini game should be a separate cart, this way it will be easier for us to combine them.

Hype, indeed.

Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed it 🌻