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This was an interesting game, lost the kids tho... I guess we just need to make more.

My girlfriend played this and she really enjoyed it!

Played i, enjoyed it, also the girlfriend screamed a lot haha 

Me and my girlfriend played and really enjoyed this, and that monster is insane.

It was nice, story was weird but the game looked great the level design was cool.

This was a great demo, can't wait for the full game.

Got my girlfriend to play this, she really liked it and wanted more. :D

It seems like a great game but I annoyingly couldn't find the second exit so I couldn't go any further through it.

This was a great game, I can't count the amount of times me and my girlfriend screamed. This game definitely needs a full release.

It was really interesting for what it was, can't wait for the full game.

I played it and then wondered why.

This was insanely scary and very hard. 

This was fun and really creepy, I didn't find it hard at all though.

This was a great demo, I can't wait for the full release!!

This is a such a great game, the atmosphere is perfect.

This was very fun I just wish there was more.

This was great, I do feel like it was too easy though.

This was great, can't wait for the full game!!

The demo was missing a lot of things to make me completely interested in the full game but it did look really good.

This was actually really scary, I loved it.

Nice and spooky, I like it!

This was quite fun and i liked the butlers model, very creepy.

 I managed to finish the level and still crapped my pants.

It was fun, especially the monster chase.

I'll make sure I finish it soon!

Great game so far, just needs a few tweaks and please tell me how to finish the game! Also enjoy the vid.

Interesting concept, it was a bit hard tho so i didnt finish it.

This has an interesting concept and it's weirdly creepy. I definitely think it should be a full game.

It was a nice short game but I'm not sure if I did everything or not.

Well this was very very creep, cant wait for the full thing haha

This was fun and I didnt mind the german text. :D 

I really enjoyed what I played of this, I don't if I was doing something wrong or there was a bug not allowing me to do things but anyway I will definitely play the full game.

This is the first part of my let's play on this, its a really good game I just got stuck on a part which is in the next vid.

Nice, short and creepy. I like it!

It was interesting and very enjoyable, would love to see more!

This was a great demo, only wish there was a full game.

Short and spooky, great combo, well done!

This was a great game and it did give me a bit of paranoia. Well done!!

This game looks really awesome for what it is. Wish there was more!!

Still an amazing game, this vid is in the school where the demo is based. Enjoy :D