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Damn that was terrifying!

Interesting little game!

Really interesting game!

This one was a lot harder then the other but as always well done!

I can definitely say this was fantastic, it was so fun to playthrough! I added a full review at the end of the video where I go through what I love about this and what i think can be improved.

Video link:

I heard there were updates so of course I had to play it again!

Very confusing but also really interesting.

This was really enjoyable well done dev!!

Probably the level design overall.

Honest opinion, it was alright. You've put together a game that runs and doesn't have any game breaking bugs but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Well done though.

This was so interesting! Please make more like this!

Really interesting game. Loved the monster!

This was great, simple with a great jumpscare!

The was amazingly fun and weird to play, well done devs!

Would totally love to see more of this weird game/story!

Well done dev! That ending was quite interesting.

I really enjoyed this, short and creepy as fuck. Well done dev!

This was interesting but I feel like it didn't go anywhere and the cave location was confusing and I don't actually think there was any sign of a cult. The monster was bloody cool though!

Short and sweet, good job dude.

MysteryMoutain community · Created a new topic It was ok.

It was ok.

This was a nice challenge, you should add how to hide in the tutorial section.

Great game dude, I finished the first few levels:

Finally finished it, not sure how to get the secret ending though.

Great game and terrifying monster when he gets fast...

This was a fantastic game and completely terrified me. I feel like it'd be better if as soon as the player gains sprint, the sprint info pops up.

Bloody great game dude!Terrified the shit out of me.

I really enjoyed this game, unfortunately there were some problems with the stream I did so I couldn't finish it.
I featured this game in my charity stream, starts at 1:48:09

I featured this game in my charity stream, starts at 58:00

I enjoyed this game, didnt have time to finish it in stream but I'm definitely looking forward to more later!

I really enjoyed this game but the game lagged quite a bit in battles and the audio lag was way too painful to listen to.
I featured this game in my charity stream, starts at 1:45

I really enjoyed this game, I think some levels fell short but overall the game is great!

Video of rooms 4 - 7:

Damn this was fun to play through! Well done devs!

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This was fantastic, you've really perfected the atmosphere and Sirenhead but you really need to fix the ggame breaking bugs 

This is fantastic, i wish the full game was out already haha.

Yep, definitely made my skin crawl.

This was interesting!

I quite enjoyed this!

Really interesting game!Plus I got to join a cult!

This was a great game to play through. I checked out all the games from the Haunted hunting Jam and i definitely think this was the best one. Well Done!