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It was somewhat interesting.

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Interesting game, did like the build up.

Really interesting and creepy as fuck!

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Interesting game dude, keep it up! 

Interesting game, wish I had more time to play it. 

Interesting idea, but it was way too dark. 

No trumpets but some really good scares!

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This reminded me why I don't want a forklift license...

This was really well done!

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This game is fantastic! Well done devs!!

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Interesting game, I do like how you had multiple endings. 

It was alright, the final jumpscare could have been better though. 

Fun Game!

This is definitely a half half, the cutscenes and chase scene were well done  but so many other little things were just crap. 

Great game!!

Great Game! 

It was alright, it was mainly scary at first but the second half of the game was boring.

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Interesting prologue,  I look forward to the full game! 

This was really interesting, well done devs!!

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Nice game, good jumpscares! 

Interesting game, definitely a lot better than most short indies on here.

Well first off it was hard enough to actually start the game so you need to fix the main menu buttons. Secondly i couldnt get out of the ship at the start (thats when I gave up on this). Ithink you should also make the view of the game bigger through the helmet, it's a nice touch but it makes the gameplay way too small.

Never been to a job interview before but I think I did well! 

Interesting game, well done. 

This is an alright game, the monsters should probably be more threatning though. 

This is definitely the best game for this SCP, well done. 

It was interesting and very tense. 

That was actually pretty good! 

It was interesting, a bit repetitive though.

It was alright until the game stopped working.

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Interesting concept.

Nice and short.

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Interesting little game you have here.

The game barely works, you can't move, donald doesn't do anything but float towards you, there isn't even a death animation and there isn't any sound.

This is an ok demo, nothing special.

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Short and Sweet!!

Great Game!!

Great game!! can't wait for the full thing!

Short and sweet just how I like it.

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Great game! Hopefully I can try out the multiplayer soon.

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