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This was great, I wish there were a lot more Pokemon horror games! 

This was fantastic! I'd Love to see the monster models unpixelated they look terrifying! 

This heavily reminded me of Amnesia and I loved it! 

Interesting game, I do love when short games like this have multiple endings! 

This was a fantastic start, can't wait to see more!!

Great little game, was not expecting the monster to be that close! 

Very creepy game, chase scene could have had a better save point though. 

Honestly wish there were more games like this! 

This was really interesting, I've been wanting to play a game with this type of mechanic for a while now! 

This was really good, pretty sure I got lost way too much but you nailed the atmosphere. I'm in the middle of making my own slender game so if you got an tips for the AI feel free to send a message! 

It was a bit too slow but it was definitely creepy

Interesting game, I have no idea how to get the good ending though 

This is insanely good! Feel free to reach out when you release it on Steam, can't wait to play the full thing! 

As an Aussie I approve of those spider things! 

That was certainly something!

This was fantastic! I had no idea what to expect but THAT wasn't it! 

I absolutely love SCP 096! 

I found this way too challenging, not sure why but I'm willing to have another crack at some point! 

This was easily one of the creepiest games I've played recently! 

This was fantastic! It's been a while since i've played such a high quality horror game, keep it up! 

This was awesome! i loved all the times he appeared around the corner.

This was really good! Creeped the hell out of me! 

Haha interesting I'll let him know and goodluck to you for the rest of your game!

Interesting game, feel sorry for the kid though 

A true retail experience! 

That was really good dude! 

A pretty decent short horror game! 

Really interesting game! 

Loved It!

Loved It!

Damn this game gets seriously interesting once you see that first ending! 

It's an interesting start! Keep it up! 

Fantastic game like always! 

Interesting game! 

Love It! short and sweet! 

That was insane dude!! Can't wait for the full thing! 

Definitely a good horror game, a camera as a light source always scared the crap out of me! 

Very creepy and interesting game, well done dev!

This is a really great idea, i'd love to see more!