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Good game, keen to see more of this.

This was fun, my girlfriend loved it haha.

This was great, can't wait for the full game.

This was interesting, I'm interested in the full game but I'm confused at why the first zombie did nothing and you are able to pass through him.

It was ok.

This game was amazing, just the way the game loads smoothly while you walk is just amazing. Well Done.

Gave it a go and really liked it.

We found it fun and I don't think we found any bugs.

So i played the game but didn't realize there was more to it...

Hands down best game ever.

Short and Sweet, apart from that voice, that voice was incredibly creepy.

Well I shat myself...

Nice game, insanely creepy. Is there an end without dying?

This game is actually really cool and it's incredibly scary when you have no idea what happens at midnight.

This was a great little game, I really loved the art style and they way you had to deal with challenges.

This was a good game, I couldn't finish it in the time I had but I can say that monster was bloody awesome.

This was really fun and it was incredibly horrifying, spiky has seen some sh!t.

This was a great demo, the sound design and the monster were great.

This was interesting, i'd definitely love to play a full version.

I really enjoyed this, can't wait for the full game.

This was great, I wish I could check it out in VR.

This is a great game, I just wish the game didn't crash.

This was pretty cool, I may have shat myself a couple times.

This game was so fun to play, now it is time to hunt real dust bunnies.

Me and my girlfriend gave this a go, it was interesting and actually quite creepy.

I really enjoyed this, can't wait for more things to be added.

All I can say is this was really interesting and I want to know more about the game world.

I really liked it, especially the ending.

This was an interesting game, lost the kids tho... I guess we just need to make more.

My girlfriend played this and she really enjoyed it!

Played i, enjoyed it, also the girlfriend screamed a lot haha 

Me and my girlfriend played and really enjoyed this, and that monster is insane.

It was nice, story was weird but the game looked great the level design was cool.

This was a great demo, can't wait for the full game.

Got my girlfriend to play this, she really liked it and wanted more. :D

It seems like a great game but I annoyingly couldn't find the second exit so I couldn't go any further through it.

This was a great game, I can't count the amount of times me and my girlfriend screamed. This game definitely needs a full release.

It was really interesting for what it was, can't wait for the full game.

I played it and then wondered why.

This was insanely scary and very hard.