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This was a great little game! 

Great Game! Well done dev! 

Great idea for a game! Gives me some inspiration! 

Bloody great game! Scared the shit out of me! 

Easily the worst sleepover ever! 

Short and sweet! That dude was creepy but the fact there is a 1.5m tall 8 year old out there is bloody scary!

Short and sweet with a nice jumpscare!

This was pretty good but the chair was kinda unresponsive.

Video Link:

Quite a scary one! A bit confusing at some points though

Yeah one day I'll be able to hug the demon... one day.

Great game, really creepy monster! 

Amazing looking game! Can't wait to see what more you make! 

This was great for the amount I actually played of it. I got to a point where I wasn't sure what to do. 

Short and Sweet :D 

Great Game! Absolutely loved the camera work! 

Short and Sweet just how I like em!

That was really interesting and long necked!

Really creepy, well done!

This was a good start! I critiqued it quite a bit so I hope it helps in the future! 

Weirdest game I've played this year! 

Great level and great boobs *cough* I mean assets! 

Creepy, dark, good jumpscare, i approve! 

This was fantastic! Looking forward to Choo Choo Charles btw! 

Great game! Bloody creepy monsters! 

This was the weirdest nostalgia trip ever!

Video Link:

#harrypotter #gaming #indiegame #horror #itchio #gameplay

This was weird and creepy, well done dev! 

Interesting game, probably should have done more with the really creepy face. 

Great Game!

This was really good, I'm still surprised those jumpscares got me haha

Video Link:

This was really well done, tommy scared the shit out of me!

Video Link:

This was fantastic! Well done devs! 

Nice and interesting. Though when me and my editor were watching the vid we realized the character on the itch page is different to the in game character which is weird. 

An alright start, keep it up!

This was amazingly creepy!

That was really creepy and interesting, well done dev!

It was really creepy, well done!

Interesting idea!

This is a really great start! I really enjoyed what you have so far, keep the great work up!