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Goddang it, and here I was thinking I was on a trail. Anyways, awesome game, and good luck with it!

Under contacts, DEEP_Thought's pfp is the same as Jennifer Khan's. Coincidence? 

I found a bug/glitch which enabled reduced gravity and unlimited jumps (basically, permanent wallrun mode). It occurred just after the bar/restaurant area. Gave me a 2min 35s lol.

I freaking loved it. Cool art style, cool gameplay. Amazing game overall. The only problem is the small length, I want mooooore!

Ok thank you! 

So I am below 18, and would love to participate, and, while there aren't any explicit mentions of an age limit, I just wanted to know. 

This was a beautiful game, and I loved it! Will the next chapters come to this version as well, or only on steam?

It also gave a new meaning to boss fight, which I found fun.

That boss fight was fun :D. 

Can we use art from the Brackeys MegaPack?

Can we get our ideas from an already submitted game to another jam (specifically, Brackeys 1/Community Jam's All is Chaos in Love and War)

Something like an infinite runner could easily be made chaotic.

Thought it will be way too hard.

It is cool but the rest of the themes were cooler.

Ok, thanks for the correction!

Bullet hells. Any kind of bullet hell. 

Can we post updates/logs of our games in the community section here on itch or do we have to use discord?

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I am seriously having butterflies in my stomach for this theme, as this is only my second jam. What theme did ya'll select?

ps. I didn't know what i was thinking so i chose what goes around comes around. let's hope that that theme doesn't come around to bite me in the back anytime soon.


I don't think this thread is the most appropriate for the above comment

me too.

I am also around that age and this is my second jam, after LD 48

Also an orchestra guide/director