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Thanks for checking it out.

Great video. Thanks for playing.

Thanks for checking it out.

It was just a prank 😃 I enjoyed the video, GG! Thanks.

Thanks! Enjoyed the video 😊

Thanks for checking it out!

Thank you for checking out the full game. GG! It makes sense, the version you have been playing does not reveal the story at its best and this probably might be a bit confusing. I have added a few more cut scenes in the latest release to reveal the story in a better way. Shafts and hell levels have a symbolic meaning. This is the path in the subconscious, where the girl found herself after the accident. The aunt is already in another world, in which the girl also found herself, but in fact aunt and the gifted amulet help to find a way to the normal world. 

Thanks! :)

Thank you! Good video enjoyed it too. All spooks completed GG 😊

Thanks. So cute 😃

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. It is really important, appreciate it!

Nice video. All spooks completed, GG! 😊

Thanks for playing. Is it a full version gameplay? It's ended almost in the middle of game. 😊

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Thanks for the video. So much jumping 😃

Thanks for playing! I enjoyed the video :)

I see, thank you for playing. Glad you liked it :) 

Thank you for playing and addressing those issues. This will help to make this game better for sure, I appreciate it :)

Thanks for the video and feedback.  

Thanks for playing :)

Thank you for the feedback! GG :)

Thank you for playing. I appreciate for suggestions this really helps to make this game better.

Thanks for playing.

Thanks for playing. Love your videos :)

Thank you for playing. Actually, that noise should draw attention to locked door where auntie is dancing, but it is something that needs to be addressed and slightly improved in the next release.

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Hey, I don't think so at least anytime soon. It is really hard to bring such a quality to mobile.

Thanks for the feedback and video!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

I loved your reactions :D Thanks!

Thanks you! I watched your full game video too! gg

Thanks for video!

Thanks for the video and commentaries! I loved your sense of humour! It was funny to watch :)

Thanks for video! It was really good :)

Thanks for suggestions. I really appreciate it. Good video :)

Thanks for the video!

Thanks for the video! Setting max volume was really bad idea as it blasted your ears I saw :D

Great video and commentaries. Thanks for the suggestions! :)

I loved your commentaries and reactions, but twerk was the best part of the video! :D  Thanks for playing :)