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If I may suggest - here's a license to formalize that:

And to apply that license just put :

"This work is openly licensed via CC BY 4.0."

On this page.

thanks so much for playing!

ty so much!


I overindexed an array causing unity to crash by having the UI button for "back" return a 4 instead of a 3. i've uploaded a fixed build.

thanks for catching that and letting me know!

Wonderful game!

I loved this game! I got ending 1/4. Absolutely beautiful, wonderful writing. Thank you so much!

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thanks so much for playing! I intended to put music in, but ran out of time in the game jam :(

If you want a little bit more, I wrote a very short prequel to it, perihelion, which you can find on my itch page!

Hello! I'd love to change the default width of notes -- currently, I keep finding myself making new notes and then making them a bit wider. If there was a "default new item width" slider, it would address this.

Thanks so much!

a very belated thank you so very much! this review helped me motivate to keep making games :)

got the Karen ending, loved it.

the game returned to the homescreen after day 1 -- was that a bug?

thanks! apsis is ehh w/ pacing and stuff but I learned a lot from it

Nooooo I just saw this now. :(


This is absolutely excellent. I started reading it thinking it was a funny joke, and then quickly got incredibly invested. The ending scene of the captain??? Just *chef's kiss* excellent.