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Oh, trust me I understand the reasoning behind simplifying the animations. Even if 1000 devs make games and don't profit, they'll still have purchased products from artists. Ultimately, mass production of simpler goods is more profitable for you in the long run.

I simply wanted to express that your higher quality packs are a boon. Having seen every single pixel character art available on this website, as well as a few other sites like OpenGameArt, IMO your older packs are some of the best quality out there. ^^

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Without up/down direction, these are basically the same as the Loreon pack, except the Loreon has much more detailed animations.

In reality, we can just use your Loreon pack for the same perspective used in Stoneshard or The Unliving, too.

As a consumer, I would personally prefer to see more packs with high quality animations in the same perspective as the Loreon pack instead of this 'top' perspective that doesn't meet the same quality standard (very few animations, even if it's just left/right and bear in mind if we just FLIP to other side, the weapon changes to the wrong hand). Just feedback from a client who is going to buy most of your higher quality packs later this month for an upcoming production (but unfortunately not this pack which doesn't meet the quality requirements for the production).

Thank you!

Can you make a bundle with Dark, Holy, Ice, Smoke?

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The game will be released in partial distributions as we develop it. The first partial release is scheduled for sometime in March.

Patrons will be able to play the Closed Beta before the releases go public.

The text of the game is from MC's perspective. I think the MC is very confused about being back in Senior Year. I'd take the MC's conclusions of his surroundings at the time of the demo with a grain of salt, lol.

Who said they are really your mother and sister?

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It is still in development. Patrons will get to play it before it becomes public.

We'll be releasing in portions, so there will be a free distribution for everyone to play in a couple of months while the Patrons get Beta access.

Ahh, when the credits roll, that is the end of the demo. Sorry for the confusion!

Thanks for making this accessible (English)! I often recommend it to others. Have not finished it, but it has been quite a fun experience thus far. :)