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Does the game have to be in 3D or can it 2D? also after the game jam can I keep developing my game, my idea seems kinda fun

its really good, not many games generate a whole city

this game is pretty good, nice aesthetics and beautiful blood... blood!

What engine? Unity, Unreal (if they do 2D) or Gamemaker studio? 

Pixel Lifetime, what about gradients? im sure a directional light would make more that 10 colors

Any update for the new Oculus 1.5 SDK?


I was expecting more, eh clothing

Wait it isnt 1st of Jan 2017 it should be free, well its fun 10/10

oh its a demo

Why is this free?

Just asking if you could add in a boss before the end of alpha or when your escaping you have to kill the commentators