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do you happen to know if it’s 32bit or 64bit? I’ve never had a problem with the unidentified dev problem xD but OSx Catalina can no longer run 32 bit apps or games for some reason 

Yeah I’ve noticed. I’m a beginner with unity still but i can’t seem to choose if I want to build a 32 or 64 bit version  on Mac. Ohh yeah big flaw on Apples part their getting a lot of hate hopefully they’ll change it back. 

oh it’s all good. That’s just Apple is it a 32 bit or 64 bit game? I’ve heard the new software can no longer run 32 bit games which is stupid because now 90% of my library won’t run at all :/

Im on MacOS Catalina, and when I tried to open the game it just says it can't be opened. Its been happening with most games now.

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Will this work with MacOS Catalina? I tried to open it but it just says it can't be opened. I absolutely love the style though great job!

that would be amazing I’d be willing to pay for them as well of course. I just don’t know where to look there aren’t many on the unity asset store

Can these be pixelated as well? Sorry I'm a beginner Dev, and I Aspire to make PSX style horror games.

I understand completely the game is amazing and I’m in college for programming so if you guys are ever looking for free help let me know I need the experience. Big fan of the glitchy/ virus style game you guys made!

will there be a mac version absolutely love this game!!