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"I have backed up my own cartridge, and have got it running on an emulator, but unless Goldlocke says so it will be staying with me and won't be shared."
So you're just openly participating in artificial scarcity. No one loses if this is released. Goldlocke won't make a dime whether or not it's released, the objectively correct choice is to release it.

"But to answer your point.... don't worry, it won't be lost."
Unless you lose the digital file. The more copies are made in separate places, the less chance of it being lost.

"Also here is one piece of good news. the Turrican team seems to have given its blessing with some merch sent to Goldlocke, so perhaps the worry of DCMA takedowns is alleviated, and gives the possibility of the rom being released in the future."
Who gives a shit? Leak it without permission.

I love how you're just never going to release the sequel to the public and we all just have to pray that one of your <100 buddies in the community has the brains to rip the cartridge before it's lost.

I'm sorry, but this is really, really bad.

Maybe it gets good at some point, but the tutorial is so ineffective at actually teaching the player what they're supposed to be doing.

First off, the tutorial text. It is too small and there's no obvious setting to change this. It doesn't stay on screen long enough if you're doing a multi-step task. The the download panel tutorial text has a typo that misleads the player. It says "use and hold red the using knobs", which sounds like I need to use the knobs to hold *something* in the red zone. What it should say is "use and hold the red knobs" because otherwise there's no way to know that the red things are knobs.

Speaking of the panels, they're also bad. If there was any consistency in design language ie. square things are buttons and round-ish things are knobs, it would be easier to tell what's what. Also, you can scroll-wheel and get a scrolling noise on the green buttons, which further implies they're some kind of large knob that I am turning but not getting any on-screen feedback as to what is being controlled. None of the controls are labelled in any way other than tooltip. But also, none of the drives or discs you need to insert into slots are labelled by name (even in their tooltips!), so good luck figuring out what mystery object in the room are "drives." Although once you figure out which one is a drive and you go to move it from one panel to another, I hope you feel like not being able to strafe right while you hold it because you have to hold the USE key instead of just pressing it to keep your grip on it. And if it goes flying because the physics decided not to like you? Have fun looking around the room where it decided to land.

Lastly, servers. No idea how to solve the repair mini-game. There's no way to represent any two-digit or negative answers with the single digit available, and there is no tutorial text explaining how to do so. The console doesn't respond to input at all. Is it not responding because I can't fix the last server, or is it just another bad interface? Who knows? Who cares, I'm moving on to some other game.

Take this whole thing apart and put it back together with better controls or a better engine or something, because this is unplayable.

Paladin can't kill anything without getting massacred within two levels. Tried rogue, instakilled everything and then got stuck in wall when I clicked the green triangle to go down what I think is supposed to be stairs.

Controls suck. No one does asteroids controls in shmups anymore for a reason. Making your shots influence movement was an even worse idea.

Upgrades only occurring when you beat your high score means that the better you do the worse off you are.

No explanation as to where ally forces are coming from. They can't be other fighters because I was separated from the fleet according to the game description. Only until first upgrade you find out they're drones.

No clear goal to advance to. Existing plot and gameplay not enough to carry player to vague goal of "see what happens."

Damage system not clear. Smoking and beeping are not an acceptable substitute for a health bar, especially in a game in which how much health you have left is a deciding factor in how to approach an encounter.

tl;dr there isn't enough here to be fun.

Cutscenes are still broken on linux, and also dual booting is a thing. You don't have to pay for linux.

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Great idea, terrible difficulty curve from first to second board. Stop making games like this that give me hope I could actually beat one for once and then make me sad when there's an impenetrable wall that just exists to tell normal human beings to screw off.


I really want to like this game. I like the characters, I like the music, I like the dialogue, I love everything about it, except the gameplay. The actual combat is an unceasing slog. I can't dodge, I can't tell when an enemy is going to swing and get in first or get out of the way because my swing is the same speed and my movement is so slow. And, given that this is a game about fighting fash in meat mechs, I can't skip the parts where I fight fash in meat mechs even if it gives me the option.

I'm sorry, I really do want to appreciate this game, it's just agonizing once I actually start to play it.

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I'm using icewm specifically and I have downloaded directly from itch website, not the app so my method will not apply for you directly. However, your distribution will probably have some method of launching any program at login (~/.profile, gnome-session-properties gui settings menu, etc).

Download the program, make sure it is executable (run sudo chmod u+x on the file) and follow whatever method you choose. Just be sure you provide a path to the file as it will not be in your $PATH and you can't just run it by typing "deskspace"

I installed this on my ubuntu/icewm laptop and have it set to run when I log in. Really helpful for making sure I do a few basic tasks.

Thanks for this good app!