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We want to keep working on Clockwork Apple, but for now it's on indefinite hiatus

Hello! The game is on indefinite hiatus, but not abandoned. Clockwork during the development evolved in something too big for our current possibility. Hence we chose to focus on less ambitious projects. 
Thanks for your interest ^^ 

Thank you, we're really happy you enjoyed it and found it compelling!

To answer your questions, Invisible Beasts won't be long, we estimate around 25-30k words and a couple hours of gameplay. 
The story line is only one, in which Fosco and Giovanna play different roles, both essential to the plot :D

Also, little hidden update, due to some changes from the "original plan" the endings went from 3 to 5 ✨

Thank you again for the nice comment!

It is! Slowly but progressing ^^ 

Thank you very much! We're happy you liked it <3 Yes, the project is still going on!

Hi! Yes, it is still being made, but due to real life things are proceding slower than we planned initially ^^" The game evolved a lot since we released this demo and we are committed to go through with it... without rush 🐌

Glad you liked it and thank you for the kind comment! We hope that when you'll know more you'd enjoy the game even more, there's stil a lot to find out :)

Thank you for playing, we're happy you liked it! We're working to release the full version in June :)

Sorry for the late answer. We were fixing some bugs and finishing the translation of the demo. Monday we'll upload the first part of the game :)

We're SO sorry for the late replay D:
Happy you enjoyed it :D
Sadly we don't yet know yet when it'll be relased, we don't feel like promising a deadline we may not meet. Things are proceding slowly, but proceding nonetheless!

Hello italian fellow! We hope it has succes too, but mostly we hope you enjoyed playing it :D

Thank you very much, we're glad you enjoyed it! It could take a while, but we plan to release a more completed demo to show what ours idea are, so we hope you'll try it out, too :)

Thank you for the notice, we checked the script a few times, but evidently not enough. We'll correct them with the next release, don't worry ;D Thank you for the comment!

OMG that was brilliant! *-*

The gameplay is unique and fascinating, the characters and drawings are adorable, the story interesting in its semplicity. It's really been a pleasure playing it!

We really liked it! Can't wait for the full version and see how it ends. We love the characters xD

Thank you! :D We're really happy you liked it, we are working on it and we are going to release it soon!

Thank you very much for your support! We are very pleased you enjoied it :) we are working hard to correct any mistakes in the demo and we're going to release a more completed one soon. The full game should come out in a few months.