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Respectable. Understandable and at this point all you would have had to say is a little bit of everything important. Family comes first always. Honestly I have yet to get into the game. I was waiting for the update first. Knowing that its going to be a large update instead of a small one which is what I'm used to with games has made me both want to wait until it comes around and also pick up the game now. Take your time and enjoy life when you can, Like I said it was teasing. If only half teasing as curiosity was also there.

I'm not one to tease about this... Buuuuut. New years came and past a week ago. Where the update bro? What I'm curious about really is what is taking longer than expected. Renders? Life get in the way? Something else entirely?

What I'm trying to figure out is how in any universe providing daycare jobs, teaching jobs, most likely more doctor type jobs, teaching tools, food for a few hundred kids by 2 people, as well as places to sleep, all for multiple years no less, for them is easier than just sterilizing a few inmates. or even separating them. Hell they even increase the speed at which the kids develop in the womb for more kids! I know I shouldn't question porn game logic but this one really has me questioning my understanding of economics. Though I also know I have poor understanding as it is.

Auto clicker... about 20 seconds...

I'm itching to play the update. Can't wait can't wait.  And yet. I feel this update is how I feel every update that isn't a bugfix should be. Major and expansive. 

The amount of audio errors I had to fight through is beyond me....

Would love that if you were depraved enough you could  walk around nude.
Another idea I had... Flashing the shy boys could result in them becoming bold.

I have a set listing on how I believe the tag is to be used. Which this has none of. Thus why I asked my simple question on the reason behind the adult tag being used. Sure, with a dirty mind, things can be seen that way. However, I feel the tag should only be used when its blatant. 

Poor game. Killed before it really began

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Can someone explain the adult tag please. I ask this as that is how I found this.

So I know slaves are planned but I am curious which update they are aimed for.

This game made me smile. In recent years its become hard for me to smile. I'm glad things like this game exist...