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very cute ☺️ I was excited til the very end!

thank you!! :D 💞

thank you!! (* ^ ω ^)

OH NOOOO 🤣 thank you!!

you see my vision!!!!!!!! thank you!! :D

thank you 🥺

that other dog doesnt get paid enough to protect julius 😔

the little baby 🥺

in love with these pages!! the composition is great and the punchline is awesome 😂

i love the compositions and the panels!! it really sets the scene and i can tell you have a lot of skill with comics >:D

and this is soooo cute :)


oh i LOVE them <3

LOL? poor guy 😂

the director is so nice :)

aww 🥺💞

🥺 💞
whos cutting onions

no i feel this because tell me why was i witnessing a full and active spirit of halloween in AUGUST

i saw a preview of your entry in the discord and i. am. OBSESSED. with your linework. do you have any socials :0?

i love the art style!! and while i dont use sign language myself, the representation made my eyes light up!!

this is adorable 🥺 the designs are so fun

aaaugh the kids are so cute!! love the style switch :)

im curious about them 👀 off to read their comic!

looove the parade of monsters!!!

what a nice frog 🥺💞

LOL they got em good!! looove the linework :>

cuuute 🥺

OBSESSED with the "is this stuffed crust?" "INDEED!" lines 🤣

thank you!! im still running around to read and rate everyone's comics 😭

true 😔 thank you!!

🙄 its about the PRINCIPLE kilobran!!! /j

thankyouuu!! 💞

aha thank you!! one of these days i'll get back to their comic 🫡

thank yoouuu 🥺

thank you :D i really wanted to do something simplistic!


thank you :D

OBSESSED with the witch's whole vibe honestly. she's soo cool

cute comic!! :D yuriah is also a mood

amy: it doesnt look very good :(  *shows MET museum level work* 

XD she's valid

thank you!!! 🥺💕