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If they don't plan on implementing something like a "perfect-route", where you have to do certain things to unlock something, I hardly see a choice like this mattering in the end. 
There might be some differences of one or two lines in dialogue, but I don't think that it would affect the ending or the playthrough much.
I chose Hades because he treated Asterion nicely, and I thought that he would appreciate it, if we offered his former lord the bundle.
When they still had the achievment rank (I think I got golden Peacock or something) in the game, I thought that that might affect the end, but it hasn't been implemented since, so now I think it wont matter.

maybe Asterion is Minotaur-Jesus?
Jesus was also dead and lived again... kinda like a Zombie xD (I am sorry for my terrible joke)

But that's a good point, we don't necesarrily know what his existence now could be classified as or what it is like
If his existance would be something like a Zombie or a ghost than why would he feel pain.
He was ripped from the afterlife, that is true, but I don't think we had an explanation, about what his existance is like at the moment, except for undying.

The first point is very valid and we don't know if we can truely trust the gods to keep promises.
Especially with Hermes being the god of thiefs as well so there might be some trickery invoved.

But I don't think that Argos or better Nikos are any threat.
Because even in the Story Asterion himself said that the Argos always leave after a certain time and they usually just play mind-tricks with the current master so they punish him more harshly or send him to the valley where he is hurt by the monsters.
Nikos also said that he is just playing a role and he doesn't agree with the punishment of Asterion so I think that he was genuinely glad that we were different from the masters in the past.
He and Asterion also had a very friendly interaction and they talked about if they would have been friends if they met under different circumstances.
Sure he is a snake and that might not leave the best impression and there might be a stigma coming with his species but then again he never really tried any funny business and held up his promises.
Also with the insight that we can apparently gather during the ruthless route I dont think that he double crosses us behind our backs.

haha that would certaily be a plottwist. xD
but if Greta would be any of the gods I think she actually would be Hephaestus with how tech-savvy she is and studying engineering.
I think that is a very Hephaestus thing to do.

Spoilers for the newest Archon Quest in Genshin Impact relating to Furina:

In a kinda similar fashion Furina was cursed by her other half Focalor to have an eternal life, even though she was the human part of her, so also living a longer life than she actually would have had, bound to the existence of the Hydro Archon. 
It is a little more complex than that, but Focalor decides to end the reign of the hydro archon and to kill herself with the energy gathered over hundreds of years.
With the Archon dead and Furina freed from the curse and the bond of her god-self, she was granted a normal life with the lifespan of a normal human. (at least that's what they said)
So following that rule there is the possibility that Asterion could be freed from the shakels of the labyrinth and granted the lifespan of a normal human male (he would be in his 30s so probably 50-60 years).
I don't think that it  is a likely outcome but something that could be considered in relation to: "can Asterion exist without the labyrinth".

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Just speaking from video-game knowledge, there could be the possibility of a "true/perfect" ending, if you chose some specific things throughout your playthrough. Or for example: you unlock a "hidden" path, if you collected some or all the achievments.
That is what some game-developers have done in the past as well, so that might be something, that could be included into Minotaur Hotel as well.
In addition to that, they already did 4 different endings for the bad/sadistic-Route haven't they?
(I don't know how much they differ in the amount of content, since I couldnt bring myself to be mean to Asterion once xD) 
So there might be more different endings than just for "you accepted the tasks" and "you didn't accept the task".

And yes, the greek myths often end in tragedy, but I think that the MC once said to Asterion, that it's not the story of the Minotaur anymore, it's their story and they are the ones to dictate it now. 
So that could mean, that they break free of the typical tragic end, that comes with greek mythology.
Also, there already is a lot of media, where the gay love-story ends in tragedy, so in a way it would also be welcome to have just a nice ending.
(Not saying there isn't also some, where there is a good end but more bad endings come to mind)
But you are completely right, it most likely boils down to personal preference and what the reader/player wants to get out of the story.
Some might want to have a realistic ending, where most of the time, there isn't a perfect happy end in life and other might want to escape reality for a bit and have their perfect escapist wishes fulfilled.

What I can hardly imagine though is, that the MC would convert to a different religion during the game, especially when he most likely isn't too fond of them, after everything that they put Asterion through.
So if that's  a possible ending: granting him the title of a hero would make  way more sense for the story, (especially when he helped some of those gods regain their sanity) which would also grant him access to the elysian fields in Hades like the heros befor him.
So after his death, he would be able to see his beloved minotaur again.

Thank you for replying and also thank you for your insight. (and sorry if there are any grammatical errors, english isn't my first language)

I have to say that, I think that you are probably right, especially if the story truly follows a greek myth or lovestory.
My happy ending for the two is probably just wishful thinking (I still would be extremly happy if they get their happy end).
But there are a lot of  indications that there won't be, like the examples that you brought up in your post.
Especially if we get a longer update next time, where they are on a lovely getaway together in Asterions secret hideaway.

But I have to say with the ichor being toxic to humans: it's also described to be killing them instantly if they came into contact with it.
So either it has lost alot of power over the centuries that it has been in the valley or Hermes basically sent the MC on a suicide mission.
Regarding the powers of the Hotels Master, don't get me wrong, that makes him really powerful but not to an extent that would be useful for this task. 
I don't think that he would produce/create a whole lot of guns, tanks and rocket launchers to make the task easier. 
I also don't know/remember how it is with poisonous substances. 
So the most he could do in this instance is create rations, equipment and maybe swords, but given that we don't know what those creatures might be and what powers they might have, that might be helpful or not. Also our mythical friends don't seem to posses any powers that are out of the ordinary so they might have the advantage of numbers but that's it.

The task is also basically that you get the ichor back so the gods might be restored to full power, isn't it?
And since most of the gods, at least from what I believe Hermes said, came to the realization that the judgement of Asterion was unjust/too cruel. So yes, after gathering the source of what the labyrinth was made of and it might be non existant after that, that also means the MC looses everything that he had.
His powers are gone, Asterion might be sent back to the underworld and since the Hotel doesn't exist anymore the mythicals probably also have to get back, taking their passports with them which makes the MC forget them all.
And even if they take a group-picture or something, won't that (in the worst case scenario) make the MC be rewarded with a place at a psych-ward? With him maybe trying to convice others that there are mythicals out there? And even if he just forgets everybody, the photo might than just look like a photo taken at a very impressive furry-convention.
So granting him the title off a demi-god or a hero of greece, might just be that: granting him a title, but that might also grant him access to the greek afterlife where he and Asterion might be reunited. 
And with the hotel not existing anymore there also won't be any issue with the position as a Master being in conflict with the title/Status of a Demi-god/hero since ther is nothing that he is a master of.

Ok so first things first: to this day Minotaur Hotel is the best VN I have ever played, the Story, the Characters, the amount of detail and love put into this game is nothing if not astonishing.  Also the community around it seems to be so chill and welcoming. So a big thank you to everyone.

I don't know if I'm just being delusional and hoping for an Ending like this, but I could see the MC turning into a demigod after finishing Hermes' task so that he and Asterion might have a beautiful eternity together after everything that lovable minotaur had to endure by the hands of the god.
My reasoning for this is: like the Hero Herakles (after finishing his 12 tasks) with helping the Gods to get back to lucidity and power they might be greatful enoug to not only free Asterion from his fate but also grant his love to stay by his side ,so they might keep the Hotel up and running to bring shelter to those lost souls who might need them.
Especially defeating the creatures of the valley that might have powers linked to the ancient greek gods doesn't seem to be an easy task. Even when aided by our mythical friends from the hotel.
Also it is just mentioned that Humans cant be made Immortal or be made into gods, neither would apply to the likes of a demigod.
Demigods are still able to die and they are not fully fledged gods.

Another theory of mine (even if a little dark) is that even if the MC is dying of old age and he can't stay with Asterion, he (Asterion, assuming that he is freed from the bounds of the Labyrinth) might be able to choose to turn to stone, so he might rest as well at the foot of the grave of his beloved.
That might be a little far fetched, but when starting the game we do see the statue of a Minotaur resting and with time getting brittle and crumbling. Also Asterion wonders in one of the earlier chapters, if it might be possible to turn to stone when loosing your purpose and being locked away for so long. 
So even if that might be a little tragic but also somehow kinda poetic and even slightly romantic, he might choose to turn to stone so he and his love might rest together. Him eternaly wathing over the grave and guarding it so his beloved master might find the peace, that he gave Asterion during his live.

The last theory is a short and sweet one but also a little tragic. 
After finishing the task that the MC is given by Hermes, he is acknowledged as a Hero like Herakles, Theseus or Perseus and also granted afterlife in the elysian fields so if Asterion is also not bound to the Hotel anymore and he dies someday, they might be reunited under Asterions previous Lord, Hades , in the afterlife where they can live happily ever after. (Even in Death)

I don't know,... the thought of either of them loosing the other (even if it is human and normal to die) pains me.
Especially if Asterion is still not able to die and having to watch his true love die of old age (or illness) while he himself is again left behind to mourn the dead. That just seems so cruel after what he has been through.

I'd love tho hear what other might think about my theories or theries that the have themselves. 

Same here,  Burry really was an instant favorit for me and I can't wait to see more of him.

Burry is absolutely my favorite, but I do have a soft spot for big cuddly guys like him. And I’m really excited for the next update, regardless if there is more Burry-Time or not. :)

If you end up using it you are very welcome. xD So far the humor-elements were really funny and made me giggle (which is quite rare since I’m usually a sarcastic trashcan). 

Burry is Best Boy and no one can convince me otherwise. He is a big, fluffy, caring sweetheart and deserves all the pets and bellyrubs.

Max feels like the best friend for sure and he really deserves someone who loves him.
I want to get a Spray-Bottle to spray Teak in his face when he misbehaves, but I do think that him and Max would be a cute couple.

That funny banter between Rune and Thistle is also something that I really enjoy.

Alon seems like a good guy as well and I'm really looking forward to learn more about him.