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Fair enough.

2 things which I think would make a huge difference are:

1) Materials. Maybe if there was a way to have materials grouped by block it would make it a lot easier to see which materials belongs to which block. Currently I think it's awkward to have to do this by sight alone. The colofull image below is just an example, but hopefully you get what I mean.

2) Views. Maybe even just having a Left and Top view would help A LOT with positioning blocks rather than having to constantly rotate the camera to get the right angle which can be annoying. (Unless if I'm just doing it wrong)

3) UV's. Don't even get me started on UV's. This is basically non-existant. Want to export to Blender? Good luck. 

These are the first 3 things that come to mind. 

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I implore the dev of this software to release a demo for this so people can get hands on experience with this software so they know exactly what they are buying. The handfull of youtube videos I found of this gave rave reviews and I have heard so much about it. I must say, I am really dissapointed. Not at all what I thought it would be. The software itself is incredibly simplistic with only a few basic options available. I know refunds are out of the question but, hopefully this can be a warning to any future purchasers on the edge on buying. Dont take the word of reviews and make double sure you know EXACTLY what you are buying. But then again maybe it's me and I just expected too much. 

I would love to try this, but I just wish there was a Demo available. I'm not being rude, just having a tough time at the moment. Hope to maybe see on in the future!

Take care.

Thank so much for the help!

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I have managed to find the file.


I had my game saved as blobby.tic but then decided to change it to a lua file so I could try edit it in SublimeText. I created a new file with the lua extension and copied the code and recreated the sprites.  I have gone over the code a few times but when ever I try to run the game, TIC just freezes. 

Does anyone have an idea where I could be going wrong? I could provide a link to the lua file if needed.

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Seems like a great tool! Thanks!

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