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Dog Castle community · Created a new topic Dog in a Castle 

had fun.. short, but fun

definitely! the protagonist looks great!!

Very fun , beautiful game

Beautiful town and scenery

I loved it! Great character design !

kinda liked it, not gonna lie!

love this art style

it's ok man. I'll check it out when I get a chance!

unsure as well. i can provide my PC specs for analysis

fun little game with a few quirks

GRYNCH!!!!! the best youtuber of all time.  

I'll have my video up for this game soon

A 2nd, real review and gameplay. Thanks for the patch

haha yes! Hit them all

what a game. The camera and stumbling definitely makes you feel intoxicated 

dude this game is fun! 

Had a few technical issues, but a ton of fun

so much awesome to deal with 

such a fun game 

loved it. Only downside was the screen size 

looks beautiful 

dude i had so much fun! nostalgia was overwhelming

starts out so simply, then scales up nicely. a nice time killer and great 1st game.