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thats interesting, thanks for replying. Maybe ill try to make a with web tech, although i dont know much about svetle and setting up all the buttons and stuff would probably be frustrating with just code

Yea i was wondering if it was a web project because all of the buttons and stuff looked like it that's why i asked. Im interested in making a game like this, how long is the code for the pure logic side of things?

the game was fun to start with but eventually it gets too easy and my games are selling hundreds of billions. You can set prices ridiculously high and it makes tons of money. I am capped at my team size also. Im also interested which engine is this made with?

black screen :(

cant download game please release


Thanks! Im glad you enjoyed it!

build for pc please

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I love this game, its really fun to play for me. I wish you would release the other sequels games on also as they look like they have a lot more content and i would enjoy trying them out.

Thanks! Im glad you enjoyed it.

i love the art style. I wish i could use the mouse a bit more to control however

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quick search with some screenshots reveals that this is an asset flip and other games use the exact same models. This is frustrating as the main focus of this game is the art and the gameplay is a bit lacking and quite buggy.

I think i may have broke it a little more... :)

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I pressed F and the game died, I think I found the secret ending. Anyways pretty basic but fun and looks nice with the retro vibe. I like it.

Thanks! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. It's been great having you guys supporting me along the way.

Thanks! It means a lot to me that you enjoyed it.

Thanks! I really appreciate it

Thanks! It really motivates me seeing people enjoying my game

I would highly recommend creating a html5 build for your games as I unfortunately will not be downloading a random game off of from a game jam. This is highly reducing the chances that people play and rate your game, making it less likely that you will make it through.

Thanks! You could say the art was lacking but it's kind of just the style I was going for in the game as I would allow me to add more content in the limited time. Anyways, thanks for commenting, good luck!

thanks! That's what I was going for

thanks! My goal was for it to be more fun with basic graphics 

thanks! I appreciate it

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was thinking that I was gonna get knocked out but now I'm not sure as everyone seems to like it.

Thanks! I really appreciate it. I can't really take credit for the physics as unity handles them. The game is inspired by some old mobile and flash games.

what engine or framework is this made with?

yea it probably does need achievements but I didn't have enough time seeing as I started a few days late.

This is really fun, the art looks amazing and it is very well polished. One of my favourite submissions, great job!

Thanks! I did do a lot more work on the UI, Polish and sound effects. 

The starry sky was implemented just before submission with the help of Dani's tutorial and Brainfart studio on discord. I thought it would be cool to see you move as before it looked a lot more static with the plain black background.

The idea is a bit goofy, and is inspired by old mobile and flash games such as kick the buddy and interactive buddy. It is good to hear that I executed it reasonably well as it is my first completed game.

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Thank you so much! I plan on working more in this game in the future. It is actually my first completed game after about 2 months of learning unity so this gives me a lot of motivation to continue.

also the things arent really in time with the beat which makes it very hard to play the game as i press the buttons when i shouldent and then imaginary beats are made up at wierd timings where i have to press the buttons.

the controls are meh might wanna change them to arrow keys or a and 

thanks! Im hoping i can make it ever better as i have about 5 more hours to work on it


also very laggy after  a little, prob memory leak

game crashed when i bought one of the upgrades

yea that would be cool