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So you cant choose a no dick option? What about people who dont like that? Wouldnt that be really easy to add for people who dont want that since you animate in layers anyway? 

wait your joking right?

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You got to feel bad for the loser who wrote this story. Not only is he racist, but also a pathetic weak willed loser. 

So bad

I can only imagine this game was either made by the most weak willed loser man in the world. Or some pathetic woman that thinks that a man she sleeps around on should still love her despite her being a whore that has no redeeming qualities.

Either way its bad

Dont support this shitty NTR game 

Can you avoid the cuck shit? Like stop it from happening 

Yeah but you have completely focused on the customers for more then awhile now 

Lmao this is another cuck only game 

Are you actually ever going to work on content for the MC? 

Tags- Choice making
Also tags- Unavoidable NTR

Eat a bag of dicks 

Why would you add NTR? its like directly contrary to the rest of the game you are making 

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Game is ass, has cuckolding but no Cuckqueen. And the girlfriend is way too eager to cheat. Waste of otherwise good renders

Eve is basically the Mother

except its quite literally half of the game 

even if eve isnt the "mother" its still a shitty scene thats going to turn people away. 

unavoidable btw

Yeah the artist for this one sucks. Get the other one to work on this game. DOnt know why you want this game to fail

No lol. Forced multiple times.

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Like what is Monas sex scene? Needs to be redrawn. The artists anatomy is wrong. Her legs shouldn't fade around her crotch like that. Can you just get the Yorna artist to work on the game already? 

Ah so you open your mouth when you type? Kind of weird bro. Almost as weird as liking NTR. 

How did you edit that twice and still fuck up your English that much? Crazy. Almost as crazy as liking this game

Lmao you cracked the code

Almost, just almost, as pitiful as someone who makes NTR. What kind of disgusting lowlife do you have to be to enjoy that? 

Imagine how much of a pitiful person you have to be to write netorare. Almost feel bad for you, but then I realize that you only have 300 patreons despite being around 2+ years. Numbers dont lie, imagine that, NTR isnt fucking successful. 

Game tries to do too much, but does no one thing good.

is the cuckold scene gone yet? like fully preventable 

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"her elf partner, Ailla" So the elf is a futa? Lame. Should at least make a option to make her female. 

imagine being a cuckold. id rather kill myself. 

has it been addressed if the elf chick is actually a futa? I hope she isnt...

needs male player

Yep that one star belongs 

So basically you have a game in one of the most unpopular genres, but you also force futa on the protag instead of having a optional woman. Yeah this game is going nowhere 

too  bad about the gay content, could have been a really good game 

kinda pointless without sex

male protag option? make more money that way

there was no straight scene in august

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games terrible, every girl is a complete slut, and the mc is a huge cuck. not to mention  Jimmy is the worst character of ANY story ever