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such shine, much wow....

looks much wow.

The Trons are broken, can't escape. Loved playing the game. Much wow.

Added sounds and its  a wrap for me. Cannot invest any more time for the project. Please let me know if anybody wants to collab and make it much wow.

Added much wow HUDS which you can gain after finding secret quest

Added much wow HUDS, which can be gained by finding secret quests.

Yes, Had learned something about bluepint scripting in 2015 of unreal. Somehow similar :D Thank you for hosting this gamejam.

looks great. Good luck completing that. Good team formation. Cant wait to see it with sounds....

thank you. Has a lot to be done yet. 

Finally some prototype ready for the community to play with. Has some bugs to work on. Such Determination, much wow lol. Play the game here: Play Game

Need to add sounds, make the existing coin count to retain after returning back to the level. Construct the secret missions more interactive

Looks super fun....

Day 3 of learning to develop game. 
With the help of phaser, could learn a lot about physics. 
And with the help of gamefroot, It made developing prototype a lot easier.  Although, It is not yet flexible to the level of unity and unreal. It was way easier to build prototype. 

Looks great, Meanwhile I learned about sprite animation today. LOL

Its great to see many people joining in for the fun. The ideas are flowing everywhere. Hopefully, I will be able to submit something playable, enjoyable and fun. 

If anybody out there is on the same train as me, learning to join in the fun. Please let me know what framework you guys chose as the starting point. 

I went for HTML5 game development using phaser. Seems easy to learn. But If I find something with which it is easier to build a prototype, will let you guys know in this thread.