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There's a "return to entrance" button in the pause menu (esc/p)

It's likely that your ISP is blocking our website.
A troll reported us and we are still trying to fix it.
If you can log in to your ISP account and whitelist our website, the game should start working again.

You have to spend $5 or more here to get the deluxe build file download. Or you can buy it on Steam.

the web version works on most mobile devices

Thank you so much!

The extra colors and features are part of the deluxe edition 

i think the typing backwards is a bug when the game is full screen. You don't need to be logged in to paint. You can find an empty canvas in the main gallery

The server is no longer running, the GPT fees were getting to high for us.

yeah, I don't know how to fix it without breaking input on mobile. It's a weird situation.

just download the deluxe build? Join the discord to learn about the secret features!

the web version is updated as well. If an upload doesn't go through it's possibly an internet connection issue. Hard to say. It seems to happen on unstable connections. 

Not at this time, sorry

sent the wrong end date, sorry about that!

what is your username in the game?

What happens when you click the "discord" button in the pause menu?

awesome! Glad you're having a good time!

thanks for playing!

what os/browser are you using?

What is your username in the game?

This should be fixed now

We can neither confirm nor deny.

Unfortunately there's no way to run mac builds on M1 macs without having the build signed by apple which is a somewhat annoying process.

I have an xp pen artist 13 pro and it works for me if I uncheck windows ink in the xppen driver. 

You might have to turn off windows ink in your graphics tablet driver.

Yeah, I've been using it for a few months. The progress is slow but consistent. I find the procedural lines are the best practice. My scores are slowly but surely getting better over time. It's still good to do regular drawing practice though because there's more to drawing than abstract lines, but it definitely puts me on the right track to get more accurate instead of always just loosely doodling. 

We're potentially going to implement something like that in the future and send a code to everyone who bought the game on itch

Sorry about that! You can contact itch to ask for a refund if you want. 

When this happened, did it show any text or was it blank? Do you remember any of the text?

Does the web player version work? Do you have an old build?


Hadn't thought of that. Not a bad idea XD

It should use less memory now

Here you go. Let me know if you have any issues:


I made it for a different game.

Being able to make transparent sprites would also be very useful to me. Thanks!

Nope, it's just there to be cute!