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When's the update gonna happen?

The Green Tissue Box does absolutely nothing.

damn 31. nice challenge good job

am i the only person that hears that dead boiiiii meme when i pick up a coin?

Game portal?

My progress for today. does this game save? I ended up playing this until 2:30 AM for some reason and i dnt wanna lose any progress.

*MAGNIFICENT intensifies*

195.1 on my first tr

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I am stuck on the loading screen. also, idk what omori is about at all. please tell me.

Edit: for some reason, the music and the pictures on the loading screen made me really sad. idk why.

this is my second time playing. i still have the same reaction as before. i love it so much, yet it made me almost cry. as i have said in the past, there needs to be a secret ending where they both live.

i know im WAY late to replying, but cool.

bruh it's obvious....

The big snail did it.

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Made me unexpectedly sad, probably because i lost an amazing dog recently.

Edit: I do still have one doggo left, and he's been with me for most of my life.

I loved every part of it, but I want to know who the pants bandit was

Im actually on Chrome, but that's ok, since I just didn't have a mouse on me at the time.

What walkthrough?

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i couldnt finish the tutorial because im ona chromebook and have no mouse. maybe add an alternate button to aim? like maybe "E"? seems like it would be very fun though.

Fun, but the enemies shoot WAY too quickly. I can't go pacifist on like level 2, 3, or 4 (the one with 2 enemies) because i can't get past the first guy.

got to lvl 49 and died to a stray arrow. also, once you are glowing and out of health, you can do a final meteor strike or whatever it's called and take a few enemies our with you. please don't remove this, because I think it adds a desperate effect to the skeleton-thing, as if he doesn't want to get fired.

Is this the game that came before the famous game called "please, don't touch anything"? The one that jacksepticeye played? or is it just a fan game? anyways, amazing game.

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very sad, yet also very wholesome. 99/10.

you should add a secret ending where the dog lives on with you and becomes Death's dog.

Also, i did mean 99/10, not 99/100.

I almost cried, which would have been very embarassing since I was in public when I played this. I'm very sad now though D:

i actually finally beat him, but it was still extremely difficult

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fun, but maybe make the boss fight a little easier, maybe by making him a bit lower.

Is it going to be free when it's fully released?

Really fun! I always win against my friend by using strategy and timing!

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Whenever I went through a door, it usually made me come out the other side still moving, and I couldn't stop, move in another direction, or really do anything. Also, many jumps were near impossible. Please make the Infectoid jump higher or fall slower or move faster to fix this. Thanks for replying!

doesn't work all too well, but still good.

i dont know what to do with the giant thing that looks like a piano. its the second instrument.