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just play an archery build u can just kill every boss in 1-2 turns

Archer builds are so incredibly strong it is hard not to win with these and a few good pieces can let u scale really far into endless (such as bomb hourglass with the ethereal arrows wand and mana crystal stacking)

What happens when you die?

no, I tried all of them and decided i liked rogues starting deck the best

windows 10 64 bit. i was able to fix it by downloading the compatability version but in browser the entire thing freezes whenever i land killing blow on nightmare heart

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how do i turn off the music

also it crashes every time i kill the nightmare heart

Honestly as a fan of Realm of the Mad God this game isn't too bad, and the final boos is beautifully made. I managed to beat the game using only the starter staff, the starter sword, and absorption armor. The basic mobs have a bit too little heath, while the turret guys have too much health and are easily dealt with using very evident safe spots. The bullet patterns feel very similar to Realm's own bullet patterns, and are very easy to dodge. 

P.S. Most enemies can be dealt with by just equipping a sword and circling them with hellborn or absorption armor. (this doesn't work well on either of the bosses (if you count the nightmare blob as a boss because it does occur again as a standard mob)

bruh just drag to the left

How do I connect to a server?