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Thank you very much!

This game is pure genius: from its very concept to its general design, and even to its chosen name. I'm glad I can have this gem in my personal game collection.

Awesome little gem!

Any chances for a downloadable version?

Great work, guys!

Any chances for a downloadable version?

Cool! Thanks.

Cool game. Just a little request if I may: please add a downloadable version.

Very nice demo, but...

What happened to all your previous game? They aren't featured in your page anymore.

It works perfectly now. Thanks for the quick response!

Hey, the game doesn't work. When selecting "New Game" and the tutorial ends, the game closes and this error window is shown (if you choose to skip the tutorial the result is the same):

Nice game. Could you add a downloadable version, please?

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Thanks for uploading the game and notifying me, TheRoboz. I really appreciate it.

Now, time to chop some evildoer's heads off 80's style - all for the sake of the good people of Eternia, of course ;-p


Thank you, TheRoboz. I really appreciate it.

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I loved the Barbarian game, and I loved the Masters of the Universe series, so this game is perfect for me!

Just a thing though: is there any chance you could upload a downloadable version of the game? I fear that with my crappy internet connection I'll never be able to enjoy this masterpiece in all its splendor.

Well, it actually happens with all the girls I tried to go to bed with, except Etsuko (haven't tried with Ryia): you ask any of those girls to come to your bed and then Anabelle's scene always plays instead.

With Etsuko everything works properly: her bed scene plays correctly, you can propose to her and the ending plays to the end. However, I must say that playing that route I stumbled upon something funny: after proposing to Etsuko but before the wedding, I asked Astrid to come to bed; as expected, Anabelle's bed scene played instead, but when it finished... Ryia's scene began to play. When that one finished, Hyacinth's scene was shown. And finally after that, Astrid's scene (the one girl I actually invited) appeared. After that scene ended, the game continued as normal.

Apart from all of that, I've also found the following bugs:

  • Inviting Hyacinth to the ruins makes Ryia appear instead.
  • Inviting Clarimond to the Auroras doesn't play any scene at all.

Bought the game and played version 1.01. As it is now, the game has many bugs. Namely:

  • Inviting any girl to have sex in the royal chambers always leads to Anabelle's sex scene.
  • Asking Anabelle to be your concubine causes the game to freeze, with just the hourglass animation playing in the bottom-right corner.
  • Anabelle's wedding ending also freezes the game during the second wedding picture.
  • Asking Astrid to call you something other than "Princess" makes her call you "Princess" anyway in ner following dialogue line (further dialogues seem to work correctly though.)
  • If you decide to adopt Astrid, your report about it to Anabelle is repeated during two consecutive mornings.

All in all, the game is cute and has potential, but is in need of some revision and fixing.

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Hey, I've just found another issue:

After meeting the quiz wizard (which was after the cutscene of the meeting with Elene) I noticed when returning to the inn that the yellow arrow that pointed to the Elene meeting area was still present, so I went there and then something funny happened: it all looked like the begining of the Elene meeting cutscene (Elene was there looking towards the water and Leonardo wasn't in the scene yet) but it didn't advance at all. I thought that the game was frozen, but after seeing that I could enter the menu and seemingly move the "camera", I soon understood that what happened is that Leonardo's sprite had disappeared; I was just controlling a "disembodied" Leonardo.

I also tested playing like this: you can't interact with "frozen" Elene, but you can talk to the innkeeper and go to bed as usual to progress the story (as long as you manage to navigate through scenery obstacles while invisible), and only after the Luna cutscene and battle Leonardo becomes visible again. I also found out that if you enter the Tournament Area just before the Luna cutscene you can't return to the main map at all, but I don't really know if that's related to Leonardo being invisible or if it's a bug on its own.

Thank you for your quick response and assistance. And again, congratulations for a very beautiful game.

Hey, I've found a bug/exploit in the current version of the game:

When you talk with the quiz wizard that you meet in the Tournament Area at night, he immediately gives you 99999 gold points. If you choose to take the quiz he properly charges you 900 gp, but if you decline or fail and then talk to the wizard again, he gives you another 99999 gp. Thus, if you keep talking to him and declining taking the test you can virtually get infinite money.

I mean, I know that these wizards are supposed to be eccentric and whatnot, but I'd venture that this is not intended.

On another note, a very nice game, I must say. An engaging story and a satisfying power progression. I'm really enjoying it so far.

And why not? I mean... ¿y por qué no? Por curiosidad, pregunto.

Gran juego, por cierto. Mi enhorabuena.

Es una lástima. En cualquier caso, muchísimas gracias por tu respuesta y por tu tiempo, y también, naturalmente, por el gran juego que nos has brindado. Si alguna vez llegas a solucionar este problema, te ruego por favor que me lo comuniques; me encantaría tener una copia funcional de "La Mansión Atkins" en mi colección de juegos para la posteridad. Gracias de nuevo y hasta pronto.

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Hey Oliver,

Me he descargado la versión para Windows y al ejecutarlo el juego se muestra como pude verse en este enlace, como un recuadro en la parte superior de la pantalla que, obviamente, no muestra la ventana de juego completa. Mi sistema es Windows 10 y mi resolución 1366x768. ¿Existe alguna forma de configurar el juego por mi parte para corregir este error?

Un gran juego, por cierto. Ambientación excelente. Enhorabuena.

Yeah it works there. Thanks!

It won't load at all in my case. I've tried running it as admin too, but no luck.

Windows here.

Uh... The files doesn't seem to run at all. Just saying.

Cool! Thanks man.

Uh... It's no wonder the theater had to close: if your main actress keeps rejecting the screenplays again and again, no play can ever be performed.

Nice little game, though.

This game looks awesome!

Please upload the Windows version here too, for those of us that don't use Steam.

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Hey guys, I've just tested the new build and it works flawlessly now!  Thank you very, very much for all your work in solving this issue. Finally, I can enjoy your beautiful game without any impediments.

Hi again, 

Regarding your last question: I hadn't played any RMVXAce-engine games previously, at least to my knowledge, so I've just downloaded and tested four of such games (Luxaren Allure, ElysDreaming MaryAyda). The result is that all of them worked flawlessly, no problem whatsoever, at least apparently .

I hope that my answer can help you in your task. If I can help you any further, just let me know.

Hi wltr3565, thank you for your assistance. Here's a screenshot of how my folder links look like:

At first glance I can't spot any difference with the one you showed me, but maybe you'll see something where I didn't. Any other thing I can do to help, please let me know. Thanks again for all you help.

In case it helps: I just tried changing both the system language and the region to U.S.A., and nothing changes (same error window, unble to start the game), so maybe that's not the only cause behind the problem. About discord, I've never really used it so I'm not familiarized with it, but if it can be of any help, just tell me what I have to do and I'll try my best to do it. I just hope that you can find a solution to this, not only because I'm looking forward to playing Nusakana, but also because it's a shame that many people around the world could be missing out on this great game, which, if your diagnosis of the issue is correct, may very well be the case.

Hi again. I've just tested the game in a friend's laptop (Windows 7, Spanish language), and the exactly same error occurs, no difference whatsoever. Also, I've tried with Applocale, but instead of the original error I get a Protection Error window that says the following:

" Debugger detected - Please close it down and restart! "

Of course, it won't let me start the game either. Regarding the system language change, that would be a too radical solution for me, as I need my PC in Spanish for other things; I could try it, but it wouldn't be a long-term solution for me. Unfortunately, it seems that the only option left for me is to wait and hope that you can find a fix for this. In any case, I'm very grateful for your assistance and commitment to solve this issue.

Thank you for your swift response. My PC OS is Windows 10 and my system language is Spanish (BTW I've already tried changing the region to United States, to no avail). Unfortunately, I didn't really have the chance to test the game in other computers as I don't have any easily available, but let me try to find one tomorrow and I'll tell you how it goes.

Hey guys,

I'm a victim of a nasty bug that makes it impossible to start the game. Every time I click on Game.exe and it begins to load, a pop-up window appears with the following message:

"  Script 'Screenshot Folder' line 114: ArgumentError occurred. 

invalid byte sequence in UTF-8  "

After that it stops loading and returns to desktop. The game never starts.

I'd appreciate any help in solving this issue, please. I was looking forward to playing Nusakana, but due to this circumstance I'm unable to even try it.