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Games Don't Lie is a mostly well built game.   The game-play is mostly solid, with some sketchy physics and the cube's changing shape being a little hard to get used to, namely trying to avoid the sliding induced by movement.  This being said, the level design felt a little too cat-mario-esc, with very little to no "lying."  The game was more trial and error than the level telling you where to go/what to do.

The game becomes more of you lying to yourself as the game progresses.  You end up moving from platform to platform, only for something to be 'wrong' with the next platform.  While the design and paths were quite interesting, by chapter 4 it got quite repetitive.

Another Issue with the game is that despite the very polished quality of game-play, the text felt out of place.  Question marks and exclamation points were swapped incorrectly, some things were flat out misspelled, and the game struggled to find a sense of direction.   The jokes felt highly out of context and throwaway, and all story/text elements felt they were panned out by a seven year old.

The blur and the outer '3D-glasses' effect caused quite a headache-inducing display, with a little too much pink on screen.  (Although I do realize that it was for an inverted effect) Quite often, I'd find myself looking away for 5-10 seconds just to clear my head.

Another small detail is that the laser walls and spikes felt like out-of-place designs.  The spikes were a little too detailed to fit in the simple background, but the laser walls felt dull and against the 2D nature of the game.  For the spikes, they should have been something such as plain red triangles, and the walls a solid color as well.  Just a small nitpick, though.

All in all, taking into account that "Games Don't Lie" had a time limit of one week, I give the game an 75/100.

This was also posted as a review, but I feel it belongs here, too.