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Such a fun and creepy experience! The entire design of it was amazing! The story, the scares, the buildup, I loved it! Great job! 

This was awesome! I did run into a game breaking bug that was around unlocking the combination box. I tried a second time but it broke again the second time. Still, the scares were great, the atmosphere was fantastic, and the story so far is sweet! I look forward to the final game! 

This was so fun and freaky! 

Loving this building story! This was so well crafted and executed! Loved the different camera view for this episode! The scares were great, the voice acting was awesome, and the overall feel felt incredible!

This was good and very creepy! Good job! 

Love this! Such a fun time! 

I was not expecting any of what I saw in this game! It was good! Had me scared a few times, and for not the usual reasons! Haha good job! 

This was a lot of fun! Such a delightful trippy adventure!

This scared me so well! This was well made and well executed! Good job! 

I had a lot of fun finding a lot of the endings! Such a great job!

This was a lot of fun!

You're very welcome! Thank you for the kind words! 

The way this game made me jump so much! Good job! 

This was a lot of fun! Good job! 

This was a lot of fun. I think it could benefit from a couple more scares, but other than that I enjoyed it! 

I really enjoyed this! The atmosphere, the glitching words and movements really got me! This was very well crafted! 

Of course! You're welcome! 

You're welcome! I look forward to future projects! 

This game was so well done! The tone was amazing, the atmosphere was creepy, the scares were on point, and the story was fantastic! It felt so smooth and not at all buggy! I look forward to more! Great job! 

Oh this was fun and spooky! It got a little buggy at the end, but overall it was a great time! 

You're welcome! Thanks, glad you liked it! 

Could use polishing in some parts, but overall I liked it and enjoyed the scares! Good job! 

This got me real good! I got two of the three endings! Great job! Felt really creepy when the man showed up

Oh totally! It was great, no problem! 😁

Oh yeah this was a lot of fun! Got me good with goosebumps! Such a good game! 

Oh I really enjoyed this! This was a lot of fun and got me tingly with goosebumps! Fantastic job! 

I really enjoyed this! Despite it being short, it was a lot of fun and very spooky! 

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Also....YESSSSSSS

Oh how I enjoyed this so much! This was a lot of fun, but wow do I want more! Great job! 

You're welcome! :D

This was so much fun! I definitely would love a full game of this! I think it would be amazing! But from this, this was well done! Good job! 

This was so well done! The story is amazing, the scares were fantastic, and the sound design was so good! I like that you relied more on the sounds and events to scare rather than using a ton of jumpscares! Great job! I can't wait for the full release! 

This was a lot of fun! I got got a couple of times! I look forward to more! 😁

This got me a good number of times! Great job! 

This was fun and hilarious! 


I'm still trying to figure out the story! But this was a lot of fun! 

I really enjoyed this! I think I'm even in there! 

This was so awesome! I enjoyed every bit of this! 

I really enjoyed this! It got me good a few times!