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Oh this was fantastic! The scares were great, the look was well done, and the atmosphere amazing! Good job!

This was a pretty fun and wacky game, good job! I look forward to the next chapter 

This was so good! I loved the scares and just the flow of everything and the design was great! Looking forward to the full game!

You're welcome! 馃榿

This was weird, funky, but really cool! I like the idea that you presented with this afterlife, but I didn't expect to be called out with my name like that haha! Great game!

Haha no problem! 

This was really good, but I would've loved maybe a little scare near the beginning in the testing room, but other than that it was a great experience! Great job! 

Oh this was fantastic, but holy crap did it scare me so much! I love the tension of walking through the narrow passageways with mannequins all around! Not to mention that they are highlighted by lightning, that was a beautiful touch! I look forward to the full game!

I wasn't prepared for the giant food, or the sudden chase, but it was good overall. A little short, but good! Look forward to more!

This was such an awesome, but spooky experience! I love the flashing lights, it did hurt after a while, but it really added to the tension! The scares throughout were just fantastic! Great job! 

This was amazing for creating such a tense atmosphere with minimal scares! The fear of just walking around was so tangible and amazing! Great job and I look forward to more games! 

This was pretty fun and spooky! I got most of the endings, but I couldn't figure out the secret one! It was a great game though! 

Oh this was very good, so many questions, and so much wanting to play the full version! The scares, the atmosphere, the design, the sound, all of it was fantastic! Wonderful job! 

This was really fun! I love the nostalgia vibe of it, and the design of the characters! Because of that it really added this whole other creepy vibe to it, and I enjoyed it a lot! 

This was so good! I loved the transitions and the sudden pauses! It was fantastic! 

You're welcome and no problem! I look forward to future projects! 

This got me good with the scares! Great experience, however I would've liked a checkpoint if you get caught. Other than that, the game was fun! 

This got me good with the scares! I liked the design of the creatures, the design of each level, and the transition to get to each of them. All in all, this was a fantastic game! I also have a theory about what the creatures are, and I said them all at the end of my video! Not sure if I'm right though haha 

This new update was awesome! I can't wait to see what else happens in this show and how to deal with Amanda! 

You're welcome!

This was so amazing! I loved the Bioshock feel and design, and the Builder was just fantastic to look at. You did a great job!

This was very creepy and very well done! Really enjoyed the dive through the psyche of a psychopath. Great job! 

The transition between point of views was incredible. The change in tone and feeling was just perfect. This was a very well executed game! Fantastic job 

You got me real good with this game! Not sure what I could do to get a different ending, but this game was really good. Well done! 

This was really fun, I loved the tennis ball mechanic and it's usefulness! I look forward to the full game! 

A nice short and sweet experience. I had no idea what to think about the creature at first, but I really like it's design. Also...they pulled up, for the last time! Great game!

I really enjoyed the tension and the build up. It was very well executed. Short and to the point, and I always love this kind of graphic style! Your game is at 4:05 

I gotta say, it's a nice short and sweet experience with a really nice fresh look for the phone screen! Made me think of the character using the phone's camera to navigate! Your game is first up! 

Haha I'm glad you enjoyed the watched! You're very welcome! 

This had me all kinds of uncomfortable! It's one thing to wait at a bus stop in the middle of a city, it's completely different out in the country side! Great game! Your game is at 14:10 

This game actually got me so uncomfortable and shaken! I absolutely hate spiders, so you got me really well! Your game is played at 7:51! 

I got half of the endings, and I still don't know how to get the rest, but this was a lot of fun. Didn't expect such a giant cat! Your game is first up! 

I don't know why, but I got big Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibes from this. Good job!

You're very welcome!

I really enjoyed that there was this feeling of being watched and how it added to the atmosphere. I think I may have missed something and broke something...but this game was well made! Good job! 

You got me good a few times with the scares! I really enjoyed the score, the sounds, the design and the look of the maniac! Overall, this was a great game to play! 

You are very welcome! Every game is just a hit!

A short and sweet experience! Great job! Had me fooled!