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This was honestly so much fun! Love the time aspect and playing around with it to go back and forth! The story was fantastic, and the creepiness behind it all was amazing! An amazing game!

No problem!

This was really fun! Love the guns, the sounds, the animations, it's all really good! I said in my video of a couple things that could be worked on! But overall it's a really good game! 

You're welcome! Of course! Thank you, I really appreciate it! I look forward to more games!! :)

Right here....this is why I'm staying single! I get to avoid situations like these! This was really great, a little short but that's okay! Great set up, and great scare at the end! All around, it's a good game! 

This was really good! I loved the controls, the look and design and the surprise at the end! Very good! 

This was so well done! Got all 3 endings, and I loved each of them! Fantastic game!! 

I'm very happy you didn't scrap this, because this was amazing! The scares were great, the monsters were great, the mechanics and sounds were all amazing! Overall, an awesome game!

Overall this was a great game with great tension, but I did notice that Springtrap likes to stay to one part of the area in the first mode which is a little frustrating. But other than that, it was pretty great! 

This was really good! Love the overwhelming silence at times, because it added to the tension of the game! The scares were really subtle and well done! Overall, this was a fantastic game! 

Honestly, so good! Loved the sounds, the scares, the look of everything, all of it was great! Love the bits of information you got as you went deeper, it really added to the scares and experience! 

This was really good! Anything Lovecraft I'm immediately pulled in! Loved the story, the narration, the spooks, all of it! 

This was probably the best callback to the 90's horror I've ever seen! Such great mechanics, atmosphere, sound design, and monster design! Love everything about it! Can't wait to see more! 

This scared the absolute crap out of me! I loved the terrifying atmosphere and the jump scares and the sound design! Everything was awesome and on point! Look forward to the full game! 

This game really got me with the spooks and atmosphere! Legit started panicking at certain points! Great job!! 

You're welcome! Haha oh that's funny! It was a great game! I look forward to more!

Even though it was super short it was really good in terms of being scary! Right from the start I felt tense!

Fair enough! Overall it's a great game!!

This was a pretty fun game! Only thing I would change is that it doesn't do a full restart, but it just goes back to the start of rolling the dice and not watching the intro over and over again. 

This was absolutely fantastic! I loved the buildup, the atmosphere, the look, all of it was amazing! The ending to actually surprised me! Looking forward to the other episodes!! 

This was such an amazing game! Loved the fresh and unique take on horror with the time variable! It was awesome! The scares were also really great! Really made me feel like I was hallucinating and losing my mind!

This actually kept me on edge and very tense as I went through every door! Such a well made game! Absolutely wonderful! 

This was so much fun! I can't wait to check out the full game!! 

Welcome! Haha glad you enjoyed it!! 

This was a lot of fun and the scares were really well done! It did a good job of keeping me on my toes! 

No problem!!

This was so cool! I've never seen this type of mechanic and gameplay before! Absolutely loved it!! 

This was so well done with the buildup and the scares! Really loved that it had me questioning if something was there or not or if something was going to happen! Such a great game! 

This scared me and unsettled me so much! Well done on that! Really looking forward to the full game!

You're welcome!! Oh I called it!!! I look forward to the next game!! 

This scared the absolute crap out of me! So good! Love the atmosphere and scares! I'm just unsure of the story though. But fantastic game, well done! 

This was...well funny haha 


This was a lot of fun! Didn't expect that transformation, but dang I loved it! Love the design and style and all the spooks! Great game!

I uh...I was not expecting that for a monster! Great build up, atmosphere, and scares! Also I love the secret room! Great game! 

No problem!!

It was a fantastic game! Glad you enjoyed it! 

This was really good with the spooks and scares! The atmosphere was fantastic and really set me on edge. I also love how the instructions for how to play were just floating on the wall, nice touch!

This was really fun and really cool! 

Such a good game with an amazing creepy atmosphere and awesome scares!! Just all around amazing!!