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You're very welcome and no problem! I look forward to trying out your other games! 

So this got me a few times with the scares! I got a little frustrated in the chase, but other than that it was fantastic! I love the style and design, and the overall story so far! Looking forward to future chapters! 

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You're welcome! :D I look forward to more games!!

This was such a funny and spooky horror game! Loved how it was laid out and built up with the tension! Great job! Your game is at 1:10 

This was a fun little Minecraft horror experience! It makes me want more and to play a full-fledged Minecraft horror game! Great job! Your game is at 9:35 


This was great for a scare and tension, and the buildup was really well done, but the scare at the end just kind of fell flat for me. Overall though it was a great experience! Your game is at 3:07 

This was fantastic for the story, the look(love it), the tension and the layout of everything! It was just great to play another game made by you! I look forward to playing your other games! 

No problem haha!

Oh heck yeah I'll definitely be checking that out! And no problem! Thanks for the scaring the absolute crap out of me 😂😂

This was such an amazing horror game! A 10/10 for sure because it just hit with sound, design, scares, atmosphere, and the layout. It was just fantastic all around! 

You're welcome!

This was a pretty fun experience, good job! 

This was a good scary game that really did give me them old 80's slasher vibes! You did a really good job making this! 

It definitely was jarring for sure! I look forward to more games! :D 

This was pretty good overall, but it did need some sound to really boost the atmosphere, but other than that it was pretty good! 

This was so good, so creepy and I'm just excited for the full game now! 

You're welcome!

This was a lot of fun to play! I didn't expect the trip though! That was out of nowhere but really cool! 

Haha you're welcome! 

This was very cool and very trippy! I really enjoyed the look of it all and the uncomfortable feeling it brought on. The dropped frames in the beginning were a little weird at first, but it felt like it added to the overall atmosphere! A great game overall! 

This was so clean, so nice, and just all around well made! I really enjoyed the visuals and quick scares! Great job! Your game is at 4:55 

This was a pretty fun experience! I didn't expect the lawn mower to whip around like that though haha so that was pretty great! Your game is at 1:04! 

This was a really fun experience! I enjoyed exploring everything and finding the endings! 

You're welcome!

This was a hauntingly beautiful game! The style, the music, the atmosphere was well done!

For your first game, this was fantastic! Such good scares and atmosphere and a twist when I didn't expect it when I thought I was helping! Great job and look forward to the other games you make! 

You're welcome!

I didn't expect this to be so creepy so fast, but it was awesome! Still wondering about THE DOG THOUGH!! Great job on the alpha! I hope more will be seen soon! 

This was such a great way to end of the lost tapes series! So well made and clean! Great job! 

You're very welcome! Have yourself a wonderful week too! :D

This was...very disturbing...and I think I missed on a few my bad! But overall this was pretty great! Good job on the sound, look, and scares! 

This got me so good, and I didn't think it would get me so much! But great scares, tension and atmosphere and great use of sound and visuals! Really enjoyed this! 

This was very good, but very overwhelming for the senses in terms of sound haha! But I really liked this, did a good job on a weird premise! 

Absolutely loved this! When it comes to pixelated horror games, always a big fan!

Once I figured out what to do, it was pretty quick, but wow this game looks and plays amazingly! I loved the style, the transitions, the sound, everything! I look forward to the full game! 

No problem!!

This was a great inspired game! I loved the look and design of the NPC's and the creature! Love the overwhelming tension that was put in, and the nice twist of a loop! All in all, fantastic game! 

This was such a cool horror game to play! The unknowing and constant fear was incredible! I love this concept and would love to see it used more in the future for other horror games! Such a great job! 

You're very welcome! You did a great job!