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I love this one!  The animation of the background is perfect for me - just enough to be novel, but still subtle enough that it doesn't draw my attention TOO much.  The softly flickering windows in the tower are my favorite.  And the lions-head slider knobs are so charming!

I usually like to do my first drafts on paper because it's just too difficult for me to focus through a first draft when I'm sitting in front of a computer.  So many distractions, and the blank document screen always feels so intimidating and unwelcoming.  I still love my notebooks, but StimuWrite has made it possible for me to do first drafts on my computer with a fraction of the distraction, paralysis, and general anguish! More than that, it actually makes the process fun, comfortable, and rewarding. The "waves" background is my favorite, but I think I may buy some of the add-on themes too.  Thank you, Ms. Harms!

I have not had any issues with the app crashing, but so far I have only used it for shorter writing projects (less than an hour at a time).

May I ask what numbers of players this game is intended to be played with?

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If you like romance, doom, and the great big sea, this game could be for you.

My girlfriend and I had a lot of fun playing through this game, though I'm not sure it holds a lot of replay value - maybe in a few months, we'll switch roles and try again, but the elegant simplicity of this story means there's only so much room for one playthrough to differ from the next. Still, even for just one round, it was a fascinating experience.

One thing that tripped us up is neither of us read too far ahead, worried about spoiling our own experience.  My recommendation is that, at the very least, read each scene through beginning to end before you play that scene.

When we played, I curated a board of soundscapes to play in different scenes for immersion.  This isn't necessary, but if you're interested, here are my recommendations:
MyNoise - Sailboat for the opening scene / anything on the boat (if your game has a more modern ship, try MyNoise - Tanker at Sea)
MyNoise - Irish Coast for anything on the surface of the water
Talisk - Echo a sprightly tune in the north atlantic tradition, for playing over the other relevant soundscapes during the Dance
MyNoise - In Utero for anything underwater
MyNoise - Chapel Voices to be layered under In Utero for a haunting vocal effect during the Drowning

This was fun!  Played it with my girlfriend and ended up with a surprisingly emotional story.