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i have a question, i'm not sure if this just happened to me (i'm playing on mac, just for reference) but when i returned to lassen to look through the binoculars, the screen began to transition but it remained black so i couldn't continue,, 

my above comment obviously still stands ! i really enjoyed the game so far :D

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such an interesting little world ! love all the creatures and the dialogue, they're very kind :] the music is so nice i really like the doldrums and the country track,, thank you for a lovely game !

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i had a lot of fun with this i think it helps that the detectives don't take themselves very seriously at all lmao they've certainly got personality ! the storytelling and characters always keep you interested! (also i may differ from others who've played this in that after a bit i think i got pretty good at the wheel of fallacies so that one became my favorite minigame in the end idk i just felt so accomplished after getting them right) i've never played a game quite like this,, i've only played it once but i'm pretty satisfied with the ending i got and noa seemed to like it too lol i do really want to check out the other endings though ! anyway i had a great time thank you

this game is really good but boy is it stressful lmao

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murple had, like, three lines but i fell in love with them instantly lmao,, i really like baobabo's deck of cards ! also the main menu is really pretty :') (i finally played a good round of samson and got some hearts for my friendship with br keeper and i'm pretty proud of that ngl) sorry i'm just commenting a bunch of things at once i just really like this game and all the characters <33 !

I had such a great time with this! It made me so happy to just chat with everyone :') I didn't really notice that I was going to be playing cards with everyone (It seems I didn't read the description too thoroughly lol) so when it happened in the game I  was like oh wow !! and I love how everyone has their own deck designs,, I had some long matches with these folks and it was great especially since I haven't had the chance to play cards with friends or anyone in a while ,,, anyway thank you for this game it's so lovely :D

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This game is incredible! The story is very engaging from the start. I'm not done yet I'm on day 3 but I just needed to comment how much I adore the storytelling and visuals as well as the gameplay! Also I actually laughed when Rourke was complimenting the chips but he didn't know what they were and Ivan was just like "These are just chips...Are you kidding me??" lmao

very immersive storytelling and wonderful design ,, the more i learned about james the angrier i got lmao god it's really a sad thought this has happened and continues to happen to people  and they don't know it