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This is a very cool game man. I enjoyed it a lot.

Hey Danielle, I just saw your comment on my YouTube and I was surprised that someone would invite me to play a game and yes I want to play your game but sadly I can't pay for it since I don't have a PayPal account.

If my afterlife was like this I wouldn't mind.

This game gives me the chills even though nothing is happening.

This game is trippy 

scary game

That bird was pretty funny. Cool game. That beat tho.

I like this game. The idea of not seeing the monster makes it more scary.

Very cool Game MADE BY 2 People

I never thought that I would actually get scared at this game. 10/10 gud gem man

Epic Game.

Epic Game.

Epic Game

Pretty cute game I liked it.

This game is Epic. I got stuck at the bed but still epic :D.

Epic Game, I felt sad for leaving teddy bear D; and I also liked the music.

I like it.

Epic Game

This is an epic game man I enjoyed it very much.

This game is epic dude
I enjoyed it very much


Epic Game man :D

this is dark man

Epic Game :D


Epic Game

Epic Game

Good Game. It was pretty hard it took me for almost an hour to beat this game.

Good Game 
I enjoyed it.

Epic Game

Epic Soul



The last boss was pretty amusing, "ha, ha, ha".

Can anyone help when the game finishes downloading it shows "file not found". 

I don't really understand what was going on but I just followed the light and just felt like going to that big castle because it looked cool and it ended. I enjoyed the game its pretty relaxing.

I like this type of games I enjoyed it very much.