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Filip Moreau

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Interesting changes to something iv'e seen before. Definitely much room for cheese though by firing at the sides of the platforms. Cool game though with much room for added mechanics!

With a few more mechanics added this could be really fun. Nice foundation though.

Thank  you! and what a clever idea to make it more challenging!

You are right that the game isn't polished, but polishing takes long time. I spent that time creating more levels instead.

Thank you. Fun to hear that they are challenging, because that is what I was going for.

Thank you!

This is really addicting once you get used to the controls! Nice music too :)

I had some problems finding where to go in the beginning, but that's just me being dumb. Once you know where to go and get used to the controls, its really fun to try and beat your PB. Nice level design too, with many turns to drift around!

This is unlike anything ive seen before and it works really well. really nice balance too!

Thanks, almost impossible is kinda what i'm going for so that's great!

Thank you very much :) .I too love low-poly, that's my favorite style! I could make the map smaller and the bike slower but i really wanted to capture that fast-paced adrenaline pumping feeling. Also because the cars are spawned randomly I don't doubt that you can get stuck, but just like you, I never found any spot where you got really stuck so I think it's good enough (for now at least)

Thanks, this was kind of a rushed project. I planned to further develop it after the jam and change a few things!

that's a great and fitting title screen! ;D reminds me of this<

that's right, this game needs way more sounds and music! Thank you :

I absolutely love this dreamy/weird style, well done :)

Hey, thanks for your feedback! :) Music is not really my strongest suit and therefor i didn't spend much time on it. But i will definitely start focusing more on that in upcoming projects!

Thanks! It seems, because forgger's mechanics are so simple, you can fit it into any game :)